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Panda Cookies

Last 2 days I shared with you some of my non traditional Valentine’s Day Cookies and today I’ll be finishing this series  with Panda Inspired Cookies.

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For the Panda faces I decided to go with the Royal Icing Transfers, using the same technique I used to make my Pug Cookies
USEFUL TIP : When attaching royal icing transfers onto the cookies, make sure that the icing you are using as a “glue” is either white or the same color as your Royal Icing Transfer.In my case for Panda Transfers I used white icing.
Especially  when working with light colored transfers, if darker icing is used to attach the transfer onto the cookie you are risking a show through, darker color will bleed into the lighter color and it will become very much  visible and your transfer will be ruined.


Panda as we know are  endangered pieces(only about 1000 or so is left on Earth), they mainly feed on bamboo, though they are known to consume fish on occasion; their teeth are not suitable for such diet so mainly they munch on bamboo leaves.
To make these for Valentine’s Day  I decorated heart cookies with bamboo and panda paws. Pretty cute, isn’t it?!

Hope you have a wonderful week and a very Happy, filled with love and sweets Valentine’s Day!

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