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Valentine’s Day Gift Tag Cookies

Decorated Valentine’s day gift tag cookies can help you convey a special message with your gift, small or big. This sweet gesture goes a long way. Today I’ll share several cookie decorating ideas on how to creatively decorate cookie gift tags for Valentine’s Day.

Decorated cookies are displayed flat on a white background.

updated from 2013

Clementines in a clear poly bag with a cookie attached.


First, let’s talk about cutters you can use to make these adorable edible sugar cookie tags. Several cutters are suitable aside from an obvious choice – gift tag cookie cutter shape.

Gift tags can be any shape, from rounds, squares, and hearts. Look for medium-size cutters. Small plaque cutters are great, and the Halloween tombstone perfectly fits. Simple pencil cutters work, also.

Cookie cutters and baked cookies.

Gather several cutters or use one cutter you want to use. Roll the sugar cookie dough to about ¼-inch thick. Cut out cookies and transfer them onto a baking sheet. I have my baking sheet lined with a perforated mat, or you can use parchment (steps 1-2). Make a small hole in each cookie before you bake them. I used an oversized drinking straw and a mini heart plunge cutter to make holes in an unbaked cookie (steps 3-6). Bake cookies as usual (step 7). Let cookies cool completely. Store them in an airtight container until ready to use, up to 2 weeks (step 8).

Sugar cookies on a baking sheet.


Outline and flood the cookie with teal colored 15-second consistency royal icing and let the icing dry (steps 1-8).

Cookie iced with teal icing.

Secure a honeycomb stencil into a stencil holder or use magnets to anchor it down. Place the stencil on top of the cookie. Pipe thick yellow royal icing onto a small spreader and spread it over the stencil (steps 1-3). Carefully lift the stencil (step 4), and with a spatula or a small 2-in-1 decorating tool (boo-boo stick, cookie scrapper) scrape off any excess icing (steps 5-6).

Cookie under the stencil.

Trace the oval shape using a cutter onto the cookie. This can be done right after stenciling; take a small oval cutter and make an outline indentation in soft yellow icing. Alternatively, let the yellow icing dry for 30 minutes and then trace the oval outline onto the cookie with an edible marker (step 1-2).

Outline and flood oval shape with 20-second consistency icing. Let dry (steps 3-8).

Cookie with a stencil honeycomb pattern.

With black edible marker write Bee Mine onto the dry oval shape. Use the same marker to make dashed heart and lines above the oval (steps 1-8).

Cookie with written bee mine on it.

Lastly, pipe a small heart with 20-second consistency icing inside the dashed heart outline.

Cookie with honeycomb pattern and bee mine text.
Close-up of a cookie decorated with a honeycomb pattern.

To create the following design I used piping consistency icing to write “with” (steps 1-5).

Piping bag writing a word with on an iced cookie.

And to make a heart outline. Then I filled the heart outline with 20 second consistency icing (steps 1-4). Outline with piping consistency icing (steps 5-8).

Cookie decorated with teal icing and red heart.


I used a small plaque cookie cutter to make this cookie tag. Outline and flood the cookie with 15-second consistency pink royal icing. Let the icing dry (steps 1-6).

Plaque cookie decorated with light pink royal icing.

With a fine tip edible marker, write “Be Mine” (steps 1-2). And then pipe a large red heart with 20-second consistency icing (steps 3-4). I also used red jewel dust to add sparkle–dip a food-only paintbrush in dry jewel dust. Position the paintbrush above the wet red heart, gently tap the brush handle and sprinkle dust onto the icing (steps 5-8).

Cookie iced with pink icing, with written be mine and a red heart.
Close-up of a pink cookie with a red heart.


To make even stripes, I use a simple grid template. Center the cookie and draw the lines onto the cookie with an edible marker (step 1). Use 15-second consistency black and white icing to outline and fill stripes, alternating colors. Don’t wait for the layers to crust. Use a metal scribe to smooth and distribute the icing (steps 2-8). Let icing dry.

Cookie with black and white stripes.

With a fine-tip edible marker, write I love you on white strips (steps 1-3). Fill the black stripes with tiny hearts. Use piping consistency royal icing to pipe the hearts. Each little heart consists of 2 teardrop shapes connected at the bottom (steps 4-5). And lastly, pipe black lines across with piping consistency icing (steps 6-8).

Black and white, striped cookie with tiny hearts.
Detail of black and white striped cookie.


This shape comes from my Halloween collection. It’s a tombstone cookie cutter. Isn’t it a perfect fit for a cookie tag?

Outline and flood the cookie with 15–second consistency white icing. Let the icing dry overnight (steps 1-8).

Cookie decorated with white icing.

Now with a black edible marker, write rows of xoxoxo across the cookie, from top to bottom (steps 1-3). Follow with writing love in cursive across the middle, and add two tiny hearts. Use piping consistency icing (steps 4-8).

Cookie with white icing with xoxo written across.
Decorated cookie with written love piped across.


Like in previous designs, start by outlining and flooding the cookie with 15–second consistency icing. Let the icing dry (steps 1-8).

Cookie iced with red royal icing.

Trace the outline onto the icing using a paper template or a small rectangular cutter. Scratch the surface with a metal pin or a scribe (steps 1-2). Then fill the bottom half of the envelope with white icing of 20-second consistency. Let icing crust (steps 3-4). Fill the top triangle of an envelope and let dry (steps 5-8).

Piping white envelope on a cookie decorated with red icing.

To make the envelope seal, I used a stencil to make tiny hearts. Pipe red icing of piping consistency onto the small spreader. Place the heart stencil onto parchment paper. Spread red icing over the stencil in an even layer. Carefully lift the stencil and let the little hearts dry for about an hour, then remove them from the parchment (steps 1-4). To build an envelope seal, pipe heart shapes onto parchment with piping consistency icing and then gently push stenciled dry shapes into the middle of the freshly piped red heart. Let dry (steps 5-7). Carefully remove the heart envelope seal from the parchment (step 8).

Tiny stenciled royal icing heart on parchment paper.

Finish the envelope design by adding details using a fine-tip black edible marker (steps 1-3). Pipe a small dot of icing onto the envelope and attach the seal (steps 4-6).

Red cookie with white envelope on the top.

Write Forever with teal-colored icing of piping consistency (steps 1-3). Outline with piping consistency gray icing (steps 4-6).

Piping bag with teal icing, piping a word forever onto a cookie.
Close-up of a cookie decorated with red icing.


This cute plaque-cutter cookie would be a perfect canvas for Cameo Cookies. Outline and flood the cookie with 15–second consistency teal royal icing. Let the icing dry (steps 1-6).

Plaque cookie decorated with teal icing.

Trace the heart shape onto the icing. I used a cookie cutter and a metal scribe to scratch the icing, leaving a clear but not too obvious outline (step 1). With piping consistency icing pipe straight lines across. I used two shades of red and teal (steps 2-8).

Piping red and teal lines with royal icing.
Teal colored plaque cookie with linear heart on the top.

Aren’t these cookies adorable!? Use them to adorn gifts for Valentine’s Day, holidays, or birthdays.

Face of a woman with brown hair and purple glasses, holding decorated cookies.


What counts as a good gift for Valentine’s day? Is it flowers? Chocolates? Cupcakes? Cookies? Maybe your loved one or a friend loves a good book, so a book is a suitable gift for them. Or why not give fresh oranges, apples, or pretzels? Not all gifts have to carry an expensive price tag. Make “ordinary” gifs special; embellish your gifts with DIY homemade edible gift tag cookies.

Decorated cookies are displayed on a white background.


First, tread a ribbon thru the gift tag opening and place the cookie into a clear poly bag (steps 1-3). Tie the bag, make a simple bow, and trim the tails (steps 4-5). Then use the ribbon tails attached to the cookie, wrap them around the packaged oranges, and tie them in the back (steps 6-8).

Clear bag filled with clementines.

Here are more pictures showing the process.

A cookie in a poly with a blue bow.

Apples carry a hidden idiom message – you are the apple of my eye.

Apples in a clear bag with a pink cookie attached.


Why not make the snack mix and use it to make teacher gifts? Prepare homemade snack mix using chocolate, pretzels, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberry, white chocolate, peanuts, and giant chocolate pearls. Combine everything in the bowl (steps 1-8).

Glass bowl with snack mix.

Pour about 1 cup of snack mix into a clear poly bag (steps 1-2).

Poly bag filled with snack mix.

Add Valentine’s Day Gift Tag Cookie to the snack mix bag (steps 1-8).

A red cookie in a poly bag with a teal bow.

Attach the gift tag cookie onto the bag with snack mix. Tie it to the bag and trim the ribbon.

Snack mix in a clear bag with a cookie attached.


Snack mix in a bag with a red cookie attached.

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This post was originally published on January 16th, 2013. On February 10th, 2023, I updated this post with new step-by-step photos and written text.

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  1. I absolutely adore these cookies Hani! I've been out for a while, and it was a real treat to swing by and catch up. I've missed you! Xoxoxo

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