Valentine’s Day Bee Mine Cookie Tags

Hello friends. I have some fun news to share. I’m excited to announce I partnered with The Cookie Cutter Company, and we are bringing you  series of   fun and easy to follow tutorials, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Cookie Cutter Company offers large variety of cookie cutters, and they also sell Americolor Soft Paste Food Colorings. I used cookie cutters from their online shop to create several cookie designs and today I’ll share with you my first tutorial. But that is not all. Stay tuned for 3 giveaways, all from The Cookie Cutter Company.
For my first tutorial I created Bee Mine Cookie Tags. You can attach decorated cookie to a personalized gift or simple tie it to the gift box, or get a box of fruit and include a cute cookie tag message. Be creative, not everything has to be about big gifts.  Sometime the smallest thing can say it all.
To make these cookies you need:
Gift Tag Cookie Cutter 
black food coloring
red food coloring
leaf food coloring
yellow food coloring
straw to make  a hole in the cookie
needle, or a pin
Small bee
picture template(about 1 inch across), cut out
Painter’s brushes
: small flat brush and a small detail brush

  • Bake the cookies, 
    while cookies are still hot make the hole at the top of the cookie with
    a drinking straw.
  •  Flood the cookies with  light green icing. Let dry
  • Using a needle or a pin, trace the bee shape onto the
    cookie(see the grayscale image) You could also use a food pen but because we
    are going to do brushed embroidery wings on the bee I wanted to avoid food pen
    as it would remain visible.
  • Using medium stiff white icing pipe  a wing curve (using a guide made with  a pin) as shown in the picture, then using a
    small brush  using short strokes pull the
    icing inward. Wipe the brush if necessary. Repeat on another wing.
  • Using black icing outline the bee body, fill with yellow
    and using black make the stripes, let the icing crust slightly before making
    the bee head.
  • Using a fine brush paint the bee tentacles and the dashed
  • With red pipe “mine”. Let dry.

Bee Mine Cookie Tag

 Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day Cookie Tutorials .

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  1. I absolutely adore these cookies Hani! I've been out for a while, and it was a real treat to swing by and catch up. I've missed you! Xoxoxo

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