Spider-Man Cookies [Templates]

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make simple Spider-Man Cookies. These decorated superhero cookies are perfect for birthday parties. And today we have yet another reason to celebrate : New Marvel Movie Spider-Man : Far From Home.



I’m going to show you how to make 2 Spider-Man inspired decorated cookies. Both designs are pretty simple and easy to make. I used Royal Icing to decorate.


This is the not 1st time I decided to make Spider Cookies. Today however I made a flat royal icing transfer instead of a 3D one.

I first made spiders as royal icing transfers. Not my favorite creature in the word but the only spider I’d eat for sure.

Place acetate sheet over the template and pipe the outline with black 20 second consistency royal icing. Then immediately flood the spider with the same icing. Use a needle tool to shape the icing and accentuate the legs. Let spiders dry overnight. When dry, peel off the acetate and use spiders as desired.

Flood the cookie with blue 15 second consistency royal icing. Carefully place royal icing spider onto a wet icing. With a needle tool gently press down onto the spider to make it stick to the wet icing. Let crust and then finish flooding rest of the balloon cookies. Let dry.


Spider-Man mask design is adaptable to pretty much any cookie shape. I used an egg cookie cutter to make this shape but you can use a round cutter, too. I also used the same egg cookie cutter to make Dinosaur Eye Cookies.

With a paper template and edible marker trace the eye outlines on a cookies. Then with white royal icing 20 second consistency flood the eyes. Use needle tool to accentuate the corners. After let the icing crust.

Take red royal icing 15 second consistency outline the cookie and eyes. Then flood the whole cookie. Use a needle to distribute and shape icing while still wet.

In the next step I made a cobweb pattern using wet on wet technique. Meaning I piped the black lines onto the wet red royal icing.


When creating wet on wet designs it is best to use flood consistency icing to ice the cookies and also for the wet on wet design. When you pipe onto the wet base contrasting icing will sink into the base layer.

For designs that require precision it is best to cut a small opening on a disposable piping bag. If using a piping tip use a tip #1. Flood consistency icing comes out of the piping bag faster then piping consistency. Remember that is it also spreads faster. Smaller opening gives you more control of how much icing is coming out. Don’t squeeze the piping bag too much when piping the cobweb design.

First pipe straight lines across with black 15 second consistency royal icing. Then continue piping curved lines between the straight lines. Let crust well and with black piping consistency royal icing outline the eyes. Let the icing dry. For tips on how to promote faster drying check out my Royal Icing FAQ.



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  1. Hi HANI,
    For the face cookies, could you outline the cookie and eyes in red, flood the face, and then flood the eyes with white after it sets? Or is there a specific reason you outline and flood the eyes first?

    Thanks! Hopefully you see this, 3 years after your post haha


    1. Hi Victoria,
      sure you can do it that way to. It will work.
      I do the eyes first because and I find it easier to decorate around them.

      Happy Decorating.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Sounds like you are having an issue with them. I’m sorry to hear that. I’d say place them face down on something soft, like a folded paper towel and try to peel the acetate that way. Of place them face down in the palm of your hand. How big are the spiders you are making? Next option is wax paper though I find it can sometime stick a bit. When making larger transfers I like to make them individually not on a sheet.

  2. hello Hani

    I’m from Cape Town, South Africa and just wanna say I love your work. I’m still learning the art of flooded cookies . I tried your LOL surprise dolls and it was a huge hit at my niece’s birthday. I was wondering if you have made the Shimmer & Shine dolls?
    Looking for an easy template ( hand over face)


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