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Enchanted Rose Cookies from Beauty and The Beast


I can’t wait to see Beauty and The Beast movie, it’s coming out in a week weeks. I’m sure you’ve noticed all the Beauty and the Beast inspired treats all over the internet as the release date is getting closer and closer. This movie better delivers, everyone is talking about it! I, myself  have already shared my Disney Emoji Blitz Beauty and the Beast Cookies few weeks ago and today I decided to make what has become a trademark for Beauty and the Beast : The Enchanted Rose Cookie.

Sugar Cookies
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing

To color my icing I used Americolor Gel Colors
Template – below


Watch me how I make The Enchanted Rose Cookies in the Tutorial Video 

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  1. You are such a talented person and I feel so inspired by your wonderful work.thank you for sharing with us.
    Patrick byrne ….

  2. Love this cookie! Is there any possibility that you could list the actual colors you used for this cookie?

    1. I just used sky blue, red and leaf green. You can really play with different shades of green and reds and blues. Or use royal blue for different feel hope it helps.

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