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Dragon Fruit Cookies

Dragon Fruit is a colorful tropical fruit of a unique climbing vine cactus. Inspired by its striking exterior I decided to make decorated Dragon Fruit Cookies.

Decorated dragon fruit sugar cookies with royal icing.


I have to admit I became a little obsessed with this exotic juicy fruit. Pitaya or Pitahaya is believed to be native to Central and South America.

And if lived in a warmer climate I’d try growing it myself. It’s suppose to be fairly easy to propagate from cuttings. What fascinates me is the way how it grows on long green stems that can grow up to 33 feet. And color of flesh is not limited to just white. It can also grow red or magenta.


For today’s tutorial I used a Tear Drop Cookie Cutter. It works great for the fruit’s shape.



Yield: 15

Decorated Dragon Fruit Cookies

Decorated dragon fruit sugar cookies with royal icing.

How to decorate Dragon Fruit Cookies with royal icing

Prep Time 25 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Drying Time 6 hours
Total Time 7 hours 25 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate


  • Sugar Cookies (my recipes makes 15 cookies)
  • Royal Icing
  • Pinkish Red, Yellow, Green, White, Black - 15 second consistency
  • Black - piping consistency - to pipe outlines


  • Cookie Cutter : Tear Shape Cutter
  • Needle Tool
  • Piping Bags
  • Edible Marker
  • Food Colors : pink, red, yellow, green, black


  1. First design shows the fruit from the outside. If needed draw a guide outline on a cookies. With pinkish red 15 second consistency outline an flood the cookie. Use a needle tool to distribute the icing.
  2. Immediately after pipe green and yellow sections with 15 second consistency royal icing.
  3. With a needle tool shape green sections/scales accentuating the points. Then shape the bottom of the scale on both sides, running a needle tool through green, yellow into the pinkish red icing. Let icing dry.Flooding cookie with deep pink royal icing, adding yellow, green to make the scales. Using a needle tool to accentuate the points
  4. Then outline scales with black piping consistency royal icing.Outlining dragon fruit decorated sugar cookie with a black outline.
  5. Second design shows fruit cut in half and what it looks like inside. With edible marker trace the oval shape on a cookie. Flood the section with white 15 second consistency royal icing. Using wet on wet technique pipe small polka dots with black 15 second consistency icing. Let crust.
  6. After use pinkish red 15 second consistency to create the border around the white oval. Using wet on wet technique pipe the spikes. With green and yellow 15 second consistency pipe the scales. Shape scales with a needle tool. Let dry.Decorating sugar cookie with royal icing.
  7. Outline inside white oval and scales with black piping consistency royal icing. Let dry.Outlining cookie with black royal icing.



  • Sugar Cookies (makes about 15 cookies, 1/4 inch thick)
  • Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
  • Vegan Royal Icing
  • Check the Recipe and Tools Section for all recipes and tools used in this tutorial

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Decorated dragon fruit sugar cookies with royal icing.

I updated this post from 2016 with step by step picture tutorial, written text and a video.

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