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Bee Mine Honeycomb Valentine’s Day Cookies

valentine's day cookie


Few weeks ago I shared with you a recipe for Vegan Royal Icing.  I used vegan royal icing to make these pretty  Bee Mine Honeycomb Cookies.

Before I jump into a tutorial let me tell you little bit about my favorite gadget of 2018!

The best tool I got last year was a Bag Sealer.

  • This thing saved my wrist from going to the hospital. I tell you it’s so awesome I recommend it to anyone who has to bag a lot of piping bags. 
  • If you decide to get one be sure to get a the tape as well as it doesn’t come with one, or mine didn’t.
  • One roll of tape will last you through at least a thousand + bags.
  • What I love about this sealer is that I can mark my piping bags based on the consistency which is incredibly useful. For example: thickest icing gets 1 stripe, more fluid icing get 2 stripes and so on.
  • Before I use the sealer to seal the end of the piping bag I twist the end of the bag and the section I want to apply the seal to.
  • Sealer also come with the cutting blade attached at the bottom. This is really useful if you are using a larger piping bags and need to cut the end of the bag. It really works like a charm.
  • Be sure to watch the video below to see it in action.



Royal Icing Transfers

  • I made bees’ body as royal icing transfer. I used a wax paper and a small hand drawn template.
  • When piping small decorations like these make sure you use icing that is thicker (20-25 second consistency), it doesn’t spread as much and you can create a bit of a dimension.
  • Plus you’ll be able to fight the cave-ins much better with the thicker icing. 
  • Make sure to let the transfers dry overnight.


royal icing transfer

Stenciling with Royal Icing

  • Use thick royal icing.
  • Apply icing onto a spatula or a spreader not on the stencil.
  • Use a stencil holder or magnets to keep the stencil down.
  • Ideally you don’t want  the stencil holder to be shifting so if you can have a rubber liner underneath or use a silicone mat.

how to close a piping bag


Shading with Dry Color Dust and Luster Dust

  • After icing dries you can use dry color dust to give little more interest to the design. I used Cappuccino Petal Dust and a food only paint brush.
  • I also use gold luster dust give icing a little bit of shimmer.

Frosting Sheet on Cookies

  • Using a frosting sheet is really simple. It’s like edible paper. Depending on the brand some paper are thinner than others. 
  • I mostly use what is widely available to me. I used Wilton brand but you can use what ever you have available and are familiar with. 
  • Cut the small piece write with an edible marker and then remove the backing acetate or paper sheet.
  • To glue the frosting sheet on the royal icing I used a little bit of white royal icing. Color of dark royal icing will most like seep through the white frosting sheet.


royal icing honeycomb


Bee Template


Watch me how I decorated these pretty Bee Mine Honeycomb Cookies in this video tutorial


valentine's day bee mine cookies

To make Bee Mine Honeycomb  Cookies you need

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