Peacock Feather Cookies

Just around the time I was deciding on the peacock feather cookie design, real wild peacock crossed my way, he open up his beautiful fan and looked at me like he had the right of the way and then he started to back up, it was almost scary looking. I’d heard they start to shake when they are mad, so I think he was about to do something ugly as he was shaking a little. Once I passed him  I turned around once more, what a captivating view, I could just stare at him forever. In the middle of heavily populated area with houses and roads there he was. I can hardly deny him desire to look at his own reflection as they often do. He was stunning.
We have a saying that touching of the eye of the peacock feather brings you bad luck. I believe in good luck and in bad luck, too.
I saw probably dozen of peacock cookies online and since I was going blank I decided to turn to my secret help. Invitations. My inspiration was drawn from the image I found online, from a  pretty Wedding Invitation, you can view it here.
I kind of  like the free form this design offers. No cookie is the same.

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  1. I recently had to make these and they weren't nearly as pretty as yours, Hani! Beautiful, as always!

  2. Such a pretty design! And what a great top for inspiration… I will have to remember to search for invitations the next time I hit a road block!

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