Christmas Ribbon Cookies


I wanted to make Christmas Ribbon ever since I realized I actually have a ribbon cutter. I’m getting ahead of myself, let me first tell you how I found out…
Here is a little story how to my big surprise I found out that I actually have the ribbon cutter.For some unexplainable reason I thought it was an Angel Cutter, so it was stored with all my angel cutters. Go figure, I mean I have a pretty good imagination…I guess the fact that Angel was missing a head meant nothing to me…or I just don’t know, well anyhow, once I used this cutter, I was like ..hm, wait a minute and it hit me. How silly to think it was an angel !(btw, now I need a large Angel cookie cutter )
So this past weekend I made some Ribbon Cookies, hoping to recreated a very traditional Christmas Ribbon, RED with Gold accents.

Though I’m pretty happy with the result, design  is pretty rough, and I will make the design more smooth this coming weekend, now I know how.

Cookie Facts:
 Icing : Royal Icing
Details : Luster Dust

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  1. Thank you Brenda, Sue and Shaile.

    Shaile, sorry to hear about your hand hurting when you pipe.I just went to see you blog and I love love those orchids you made, just stunning.

    What do you mean by cookie box, do you mean ice box cookies, or decorated gift box cookie? Would love to know. thank you for stopping by.

  2. Also, was wondering if you ever made a cookie box? I make them every so often. If you haven't that is one thing you might like to try.

  3. Haniela, As always your ideas and creativity are wonderful. I love to look at all you make whether a decorated cookie or one just to eat.. they are always perfection. I decorate using fondant since I can't pipe much anymore, my hand starts to hurt. I try to just do decorative piping. But, I have gone from cookies to sugar flowers which seem to take over my life.. thanks for always sharing and giving ideas..

  4. Haniela,
    Thanks for the visit and kind comment on my Peppermint Pinwheel cookies, but I just want to clear something up. The cinnamon heart cookie that you mentioned as mine, I did not make. That's a "blog hop"…a collection of cookies from many bloggers. Clicking on each cookie will take you to each blog. 🙂

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