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Eiffel Tower Gingerbread Centerpiece

For several years I’ve been making  Christmas Gingerbread Centerpieces and every year I’m trying to think of something new,  little more creative and  I haven’t done before.This year I got my eye set on Paris, France.

I can’t spend Christmas in Paris and so why not bring little Paris into my and your house for Christmas.

These little centerpieces are favorites with my friends, everyone just adores them, you can make them as simple and easy you’d like they still have the same affect on people.

 I was hunting for an Eiffel tower template( hard to believe but I don’t own a cookie cutter), Pinterest comes to rescue, I found ONE that looked really great! I made a simple plastic cookie template and used it to hand cut my Eiffel Tower.



I use the same recipe every year, it seems every year I add more spices to it though, I love the smell of gingerbread.

Gingerbread Recipe For Centerpieces
Royal Icing(using raw egg whites) for  Gingerbread Centerpiece 


Decorated Eiffel Tower Gingerbread Centerpiece Pieces
Little snowflakes are made with PME SNOWFLAKE KIT


All you need is royal icing(more on a thicker side than thin) and several pieces of aluminum foil or for heavier pieces, a small bottle or anything that you can find to prop the gingerbread pieces to stand up.
Here is sample of how this is done, support each standing piece of the centerpiece with a piece of aluminum foil, paper, little container etc.Let dry overnight and then carefully remove your supports.


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