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Watercolor Elephant Cookies


I’ve been seeing a lot of elephants on instagram lately and these magnificent animals inspired me to make these colorful cookies. Still in the midst of  Winter  I needed a pop of color.  Something bright and full of energy and light. I haven’t really played with painting on cookies much and it seems to be the hype these days so I gave the watercolor a go. Look at them, aren’t they beautiful ?! I finished them off with pretty white piping and Watercolor Elephant Cookies are done. Here is how:

To make the cookie you need:
Elephant Cookie Cutter , large
Elephant Cookie Cutter, smaller one
Sugar Cookie Recipe
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
Needle Tool by PME
Disposable Piping Bags
Food Colors – Americolors  Pink, Sky Blue, Electric Purple(or combination of elecric pink and sky blue) Yellow, Orange, Leaf Green
How to thin royal icing
Extract or no flavor alcohol with high alcohol content(everclear),  60% and more.
Template – below. I used an exacto knife to cut out the outline lines as seen in the video. I use this technique often to create easy decorating tools.
Edible Marker to used with the cardstock template, to trace outlines on the cookies.
Paint brush, paper towel to dab the icing if needed to absorb excess liquid, to prevent icing/sugar from dissolving, forming sand paper surface.
Food Only paint brush

You need to ice the cookie and let the icing dry completely before you paint with edible paint.

To make edible paint I used an extract and I mixed a drop of food coloring with the extract. In the process there is is stuff that will stick to your paint brush as you mixing extract with the food gel. discard the mass.

Watercolor painting is quite fun and very relaxing and fast. Try it, and have fun with colors.

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