Horse Cookies

 Joanne is our neighbor. She is a very talented  horse trainer and she is turning 30 this week, so I thought…HORSE COOKIES would be great for her Birthday
I hand cut all these, using templates. 
Both horses that Joanne owns are gray-white color,  she also likes purple, so I decided to use these colors for the cookies, I used royal icing  that I tinted gray, purple, black and I also used white.
I also made horse shoes, and a  horse saddle  that sadly I forgot to ice. Can you believe that !!!
All the buckles on the horses are painted with luster dust as well as the mane.
The most commonly used lucky charm in North America is the horse shoe so I decided to add a name to it wishing Joanne all the luck there is.
Have a great Birthday Joanne.
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  1. Thanks Bea and Faithy. I think they turned our really nicely.

    Faithy, I'm glad, I'm not alone. I spent so much time getting that saddle cookie cut, had a perfect design and I forgot to ice it! I guess I can eat it now. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I really appreciate you stopping by.

  2. I can't believe you handcut all these cookies! They have such clean edges that they look like it's cut from cookie cutter!

    I love how you decorate the horses..the details and expression are fab! And the horseshoe incredible and so delicate! LOL! I laughed when you said you forgot to ice the saddle.. cos this reminds me of myself..i always forget things too…a lot of things actually. :))

    Awesome cookies!

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