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Rooster Cookies

Today I’m going to share with you how to make Decorated Rooster Cookies.

Colorful rooster cookies decorated with royal icing


I have 2 rooster related memories. First one is from my childhood and not so fun. I was about 3 years old, playing in my grandparents’ backyard when an aggressive rooster attacked me. I don’t recall seeing him after that incident.

Second one is from that time while vacationing in Ohio. We came across a bright colored and notoriously loud rooster. The Big Foot as locals called him. He really was such a gorgeous bird.

Then, the first morning he woke us up at 4 am. Majestically standing on a giant boulder by the gravel driveway, he was crowing. It was so difficult to stay asleep while the rooster crowed and crowed and crowed.

Every day, at the same time, early in the morning in attempts to keep him quiet hubby would chase him down half asleep while I was laughing on the porch. It was hilarious.


Ok, so let’s start with the cookies. Notice the feet section on the
Rooster Cutter is really narrow. I’d recommend using pliers to make it a little wider. It’s easier to cut out cookies.


Start by drawing outlines on the cookies with an edible marker.

cookie cutter and piping bags filled with royal icing

It is important to flood sections in steps. Making sure area located right next is crusted first. This is especially important when creating dimension.

For example look at the rooster’s tail.

decorating chick cookie with icing

Let’s talk wet on wet technique. I used it to create breast and hackles sections. Be sure to watch this part in the video as it clearly demonstrates this technique.

bird cookie decorated with royal icing

Rooster’s hackles and the comb sections have to be crusted before adding the read wattle.

cookies decorated with wet on wet technique

Lastly, pipe the beak, eyes and outline with red royal icing.

rooster cookies decorated with royal icing


  • Navy Blue (royal blue + black color, or use navy blue food color), green : 15 second consistency – to make the breast
  • Navy Blue and Green : 20 second consistency – tail feathers
  • Orange and Yellow : 15-20 second consistency – hackles, wet on wet wing, beak
  • Red : 20 second consistency – wattle, comb
  • Red : 15 second consistency – wing
  • Orange : piping consistency – legs
  • White, Black : 20 second – eye
  • Red : piping consistency – red wing outline


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rooster cookies decorated with royal icing

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