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Hanukkah Star Cookies

I made Hanukkah Star Cookies to help celebrate the Festival of Lights at a local Jewish School.

Six point star cookies decorated with blue icing.

updated from 2010


In this cookie decorating tutorial, I share how to make two simple Star of David Cookies.


To make Hanukkah Star Cookies, I used my cut-out sugar cookie recipe and a six-point star cookie cutter. If you don’t have a star cutter, you can make a cookie cutter template from cardstock.


To decorate Star of David cookies I used meringue/egg white-based royal icing. If follow a vegan diet, you can use my eggless vegan royal icing recipe instead.

Royal Icing Colors and Consistencies

  • In this project I used these colors and consistencies:
  • Sky Blue, Royal Blue: 15-second consistency
  • Ivory, Yellow, Orange: 20-second consistency
  • White, Ivory: piping consistency


Outline and flood star cookies with sky blue 15-second consistency royal icing. Let the icing dry (steps 1-8).

A six point star cookie with sky blue royal icing.


The traditional Hanukkah Menorah is a nine-branched candelabrum. I wanted to include a Hanukkah candlestick design on my star cookies, but I thought piping nine candlesticks was too much. Instead, I designed this cookies with a center candlestick and I think it turned out so beautiful.

First, I wanted to ensure the piped candle would be even with the star points. This step is unnecessary; however, if you are unsure where to pipe icing, it’s helpful to have a guide.

  • With a piece of paper or a ruler, align to star arms and make a short line into the icing using a scribe. This line should appear no more than a light scratch (step 1).
  • With 20-second consistency ivory icing pipe the candlestick and smooth icing with a scribe (steps 2-4).
  • Then, use a fine tip black edible marker to draw a candle wick (steps 5-6).
Piping a small candlestick onto a cookie.

Flame is super easy to make. Pipe a small teardrop shape with yellow icing of 20-second consistency (steps 1-2). Immediately pipe a small dot with orange icing at the bottom of the yellow teardrop (steps 4-5). Use a tip of a scribe to drag orange icing into the yellow icing, shape icing in the point (step 6). Let icing dry for 2 hours.

Piping flame with yellow and orange royal icing.


In this next step, you need to use piping consistency white icing. Pipe two triangles (steps 1-6). After, pour white sanding sugar onto the freshly piped white lines. Lift the cookie and gently shake off the excess sugar (steps 7-8).

TIP: When you use sanding sugar or sprinkles, place a cookie onto a paper towel, coffee filter, or bead tray. They keep sprinkles and sugar from rolling over your table, and pouring them back into a bottle is easier.

Piping white royal icing triangles onto a cookie.


This second design is the same as the previous one, minus the candlestick, and I used ivory/gold instead of light blue and white.

Outline and flood cookie with 15-second consistency royal icing. Use a scribe to smooth the icing and accentuate corners (steps 1-8). Let icing dry overnight.

Outlining and flooding a star cookie with royal blue icing.

Pipe two opposite triangles with ivory or gold royal icing of piping consistency.

A six point star cookie decorated with royal blue icing, piping bag above the cookie piping lines of ivory icing on the top.

Immediately after you pipe triangles, place the cookie onto a bead tray and pour gold sanding sugar onto the piped lines (steps 1-3). Carefully lift the cookie and shake off the excess sugar (steps 4-6).

TIP: I used ivory-colored icing to achieve better gold sanding sugar coverage.

Star cookie covered with gold sanding sugar.

I hope that with my step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be able to create beautiful cookies to celebrate Hanukkah Holiday.

Nine decorated star cookies on a white round plate.


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This cookie decorating tutorial was originally published on December 6th, 2010. On September 7th, 2022 I updated this post with new step-by-step pictures, written text and a video.

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