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Angel Cookie Decorations

Can you smell it? It’s amazing, right! Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, molasses.  Gingerbread Season is here.Last month Jill(Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons) and Beth(The Hungry Happenings) invited me to participate in a grand Gingerbread Collaboration. It’s all about gingerbread recipes, desserts, cookie cakes. That is not all, there is also a giveaway. Check out(down below) all the amazing prizes(worth over $300) you could win.

My favorite thing to make for Christmas are gingerbread decorations. I’m little more than obsessed with them to tell the truth. For this project  I made Christmas Angel Decoration. I believe you can easily make it from sugar cookie dough or chocolate dough, too.

To make these cookies you need:






Drinking Straw to make the opening


Christmas Angel Decoration Video Tutorial


Give the Gift
of Gingerbread Blog Hop and Giveaway


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