Volkswagen Beetle Cookies

Yesterday, coming home from the cake delivery we stopped at a garage sale. Though it was raining and it was cold and  really windy, we just had to stop. I jumped around the puddles and mud to get from the driveway to the house. Nobody was there and  they had it all spread out inside of the house, so it was okay, at least it didn’t drip on us. I love yard sales, things you find are sometime so unpredictable, it is so much fun.  I also love to bargain.
In the corner  of a small room was an old table, there were some cute old wooden toys, among them was a set of little wooden cars, they stayed attached to each other, having just small  magnets on each side. It was so adorable and reminded of a cookie project I had ahead of me. I made these last night, and now I’m really inspired to make wooden cars. I miss wooden toys, they have so much character and are really charming, don’t you think?
Anyway, for my car cookies, to make the windows I used the same technique I used for the Airplane Cookies I made a while ago. You can see how the window is made here.
To learn how to flood cookies with royal icing you can view my video tutorial.

It’s Colorful! It’s Cheerful. Have a great day.

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