Airplane Cookies

Don’t you just love hearing how somebody loves your cookies.A friend asked me to make  some airplane cookies for her daughter’s boyfriend. Apparently he  loves my cookies and hides them so no one else can find them and eat them. She ordered a special batch just for him. Sweet.
To make these cookies you need:
Airplane cookie cutter(I recommend  you avoid using this same cutter I used, by the time I was finished with these propeller was called names you can’t  even imagine! And if you decide to use this cutter, make sure you let the cookies cool completely before you even touch them, I find this shape very unstable, it broke in several places but mainly the propeller, oh yeah the propeller, perhaps I should have trimmed it before I baked these)
Next time I’d probably use this Airplane Cookie Cutter
Painter’s brush
  • I used some thinned down sky blue icing that I brushed onto  a plain cookie, just in the area where I planned for the windows to be.
  • I outlined the whole cookie and made windows, then I flooded the whole cookie, except for the windows, those are left untouched with the blue underneath
  • Lastly, I took a blue food pen and made window marks.
  • Using white icing I piped the details.
  • To add a little bit of dimension I used a painter’s brush dipped in black food coloring thinned down to grey with some water  and then gently wiped into a paper towel, just so the brush was slightly damped not wet, I painted the propeller, lightly I painted a line where the wing would meet the body of the plane to give it  a bit more definition.

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