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Patriotic Seashell Cookies

Whether you love spending time at the beach or you’re a seashell collector I think you’ll love making these Patriotic Seashell Cookies. They are super simple and easy to make. And with red, blue and white colors they are great for 4th of July festivities, too.

Seashell patriotic sugar cookies stenciled with royal icing.



I’m going so share with you a simple cookie decorating tutorial. For this cookie decorating project I used a 3 inch square cookie cutter. To decorate I used royal icing , Airbrush and nautical stencils. Stencils are really fun to use.

Seashell patriotic sugar cookies stenciled with royal icing.


I used Fresh Lemon Royal Icing to decorate. That being said if you have egg allergies or follow a special diet you can make Vegan Royal Icing instead.

Color royal icing with red and blue gel coloring. Then thin it down with water to 15 second consistency. I’ll be working with red, blue and white royal icing.


Flooding square cookies with royal icing.

Flood each square cookie with 15 second consistency royal icing. Use a needle to distribute the icing evenly and to accentuate the corners. Then let the icing dry.

WHAT IS 15 SECOND CONSISTENCY? Learn how to thin royal icing with my Guide to Royal Icing Consistency.


Airbrushing is an effective way to decorate cookies. You can create impressive patterns literally in a matter of seconds. To make the stripes I used a wide stripes stencil.

Airbrushing square cookie with a stencil.

Secure a wide stripes stencil into a stencil snap holder. Feed few drops of red airbrush food coloring into the airbrush cup.

First, test the color flow on a piece of a paper towel. Then line by line airbrush cookies, keeping the stencil place. Carefully lift up the stencil and let the airbrush color dry for 30 minutes.

Airbrushing a cookie with a wide strip stencil.

Place a stencil over a cookie on an angle to make diagonal stripes. 

At the very last minute I decided to make a USA flag too. To create a flag canton (the top hoist rectangular area) I used a square stencil. Position square stencil onto a cookie. Hold lower right corner in place with your fingers or use a needle tool and airbrush with blue airbrush color. Keeping a stencil in place ensures clean airbrushed edges.


When stenciling with royal icing I use stiff royal icing and to spread icing over the stencil I like to use either a small spreader, spatula or a sugar smoother.

Spreading a thin layer of royal icing over a seashell stencil.

Position seashell stencil on a dry iced cookie. Hold the stencil in place and spread a thin layer of stiff royal icing over the stencil. Carefully lift up the stencil. Oh how pretty!

Stenciling a cookie with royal icing and seashell stencil.

Instead of stars or dots in the canton USA flag area I used a small seashell border. Spread a thin layer of white stiff royal icing over the stencil and then carefully lift it, away from the surface of the cookie.

It’s such a pain to pipe the stars with royal icing.  Why not use a star stencil instead?

Stenciling cookie with star stencil and royal icing.

Secure star stencil with a stencil holder and spread a thin layer of white royal icing over the stencil. Carefully lift up the stencil. Notice there is residue icing on the edges. Scrape it off with a small spatula or a knife. Let icing dry.


Finish the American flag design by piping straight lines across with white piping consistency royal icing. Dust icing with white sanding sugar.

Sugar cookie dusted with sanding sugar.



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  1. These are great ideas. But when you put the thicker icing using the stencil on the seashell cookies, how do you get it so the stencil design just doesn’t mix into the icing that its on top of? You seem to have to “push down” the stencil icing onto the icing that’s already there.

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