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Easy Lace Cookies


 I’m making a cake for our neighbor and while my cake is chilling I wanted to quickly share with you a really neat trick how to make pretty Lace Cookies : Royal Icing Lace Transfers. These little helpers are such  great time savers!
  • Using parchment or  food grade acetate sheets, using royal icing, and a lace template make royal icing transfers. For more details on Royal Icing Transfers view my tutorial on Royal Icing Butterflies
  • I used a dry on wet technique to apply royal icing transfers onto the cookies
  • If using a dark outline, make sure it is dry before flooding the cookies, fill around the edges first and then continue flooding the rest of the cookie, making sure the outline is  not disturbed so it has a nice uniformed look
  • Make sure your royal icing transfers are darker  in color than the flood color of your icing; darker color will bleed into the  light colored transfer and will show through once dried.
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