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Hunting and Fishing Cookies

Today I’m going to show you another set of cookies I made for the Valentine’s Day. These cookies are inspired by hunting and fishing. I guess I could have been  little more aggressive with hunting designs but at the same time they are meant to be for a special day so why not keep them little sweet too.

Camouflage Cookie Hearts


Camouflage Cookie Tutorials

To make Camouflage Cookies  I used 2 wonderful tutorials to get me started,  you can find links above. I highly recommend finding a  camouflage pattern you like the best and study it a bit and go from there. It is not a rocket  science and I’m sure you’ll have fun making these.

Shooting Target Cookies


I don’t own a KopyKake and so to make a Shooting Target Cookies I decided to create a “paper stencil” to help me draw the lines and then I hand painted all the details with food gels and little water. Numbers were piped with the icing. In the center I added a little heart, perfect for the occasion.
To Paint with Food Gels you need:
  • water
  • paper towel
  • brush
  • food gel coloring
  • using water you can control the color intensity, make sure you wipe the brush into the paper towel to remove excess water if necessary. Brush should feel just slightly damp to the touch when ready to paint on the cookies, it shouldn’t be wet.

I also made few fishing rods and fishing nets with a heart inside.

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