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Pretty Tulip Cookies

In case you missed my Tulip Cookies Tutorial guest post over at Bea’s Cancun Cookies last week, I’m sharing it on my blog today.

I prepared a Tulip Cookie Tutorial 
for you. I wanted to achieve a new dimension with tulip cookies, tulip
cookies are mostly decorated flat so I thought I’d play around a little.
this tutorial you will find embroidery technique and sanding sugar
application, both techniques play a key role in this  tulip design.
  •  Bake cookies, and prepare Royal icing,
    color icing with food color and make outline consistency icing(thin the
    icing down with a bit of water to about a toothpaste consistency) and flood consistency.
  • You need 2 colors, for the petals and then for the flower stamens
  • I used a combination or red and touch of orange  gel food coloring to achieve the red shade of icing I used to decorate my tulip cookies
  •  Pipe a thick border with outline consistency royal icing, do one section at a time
  • Using a  clean painter’s brush, brush by pull the icing inward
    toward the center of the cookie, wipe the brush into a damp towel if
  • Continue with other sections, all together there are 3 sections you need to do this



  • Once you have the brushed embroidery details finished you can move onto the front petals
  • Pipe the petals
  • Flood the petals with flood consistency icing
  • Let dry for several hours


  • Once the icing has dried you can move onto adding details
  • First you need to pipe flower stamens and let them dry for an hour or so, use outline consistency icing to do this
  • Then outline the petals with outline consistency icing 
  • Sprinkle sanding sugar on top of the freshly piped icing, shake off the excess
  • Pipe small dots onto the dry brushed embroidery design, you want only random dots, pipe only several dots not a whole lot
  • Using a clean painter’s brush, brush the icing inward
  • Immediately sprinkle sanding sugar on top freshly brushed icing
  • Shake of the excess



Pretty Tulip Cookies

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  1. Beautiful use of the embroidery technique! These are my favorite tulip cookies that I've seen.

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