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Royal Icing Daisy Flowers

Do you need edible daisy flowers to decorate a cake, cupcake or cookies? Let me show how to make Royal Icing Daisy flowers.

Piped royal icing flowers parchment squares, drying on a gray tray.


Today I’ll show you how to make make daisy flowers with royal icing.

In addition to royal icing you can also use buttercream make buttercream daisy flowers. Instead of letting buttercream dry, you’d freeze it. That’s how I made buttercream flowers for my Buttercream Fall Wreath Cake. I’d recommend you use Swiss Buttercream, Italian Buttercream, American Buttercream or German Buttercream.

  • Make royal icing daisy flowers in 3 simple steps :
  1. Make flower centers.
  2. Pipe flower petals.
  3. Attach flower center onto the petals.


Let’s start with yellow flower centers. I created these as royal icing transfers. However, if you don’t have time to make flower centers separately you can skip to the next step of piping flower petals. Then just pipe yellow dots in the middle of piped white petals.

Color royal icing with yellow gel food coloring, (steps, 1-3). Then, if icing is stiff thin it down with water to piping consistency.

TIP : What is piping consistency? When you pull the icing up with a spatula peak will bend immediately and slowly fall, but doesn’t become blended with rest of the icing.

Yellow royal icing in a small glass bowl.

Spoon yellow icing into a tipless piping bag and cut the tip off with sharp scissors, (step 1-2).

TIP : Don’t have a tipless piping bag? Use a piping bag fitted with a round piping tip #3.

Yellow royal icing in a glass bowl.


Size of the flower center you need to make royal icing daisy flowers depends on the size of the petals. Larger the petals larger the center you need. My flower centers are little less than 2/8 inch (5mm) in diameter.

Put your template onto a flat surface, such as tray, carboard, baking sheet. Place a piece of wax paper over the template. I like to work with a small piece of wax paper at time. Pipe rounds of yellow royal icing onto the wax paper. Then immediately dust yellow icing with white or yellow sanding sugar, or use yellow nonpareils. Carefully pick up wax paper and allow sugar to fall into a bowl or jar. Return piece of wax paper with piped flower centers onto a flat surface and allow to dry overnight, (steps 1-5)

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Piping bag with yellow royal icing, piping yellow dots onto the wax paper and dusting dots with sanding sugar.

Next step is to remove dry royal icing flower centers from the wax paper. Dry icing should come off easily, using your fingers to peel the wax paper from the dry icing.

TIP : Flower centers can be prepared ahead of time. Store dry royal icing decorations in an airtight containers, away from the moisture and direct sunlight.

Removing yellow flower centers from the wax paper.

I created flower centers for my Gingham Flower Cookies, but instead of sugar I used rainbow nonpareils sprinkles.

Yellow royal icing dots dusted with sanding sugar on a wax paper.


  • To pipe flower petals you need:
  • Petal Piping Tip #101
  • Piping Bag
  • Flower Nail
  • Parchment or wax paper
  • Daisy Icing Template
Royal icing yellow flower centers on a white surface.


To pipe daisy flowers I used Petal Tip #101. Cut the tip off the piping bag, fit piping bag with a piping tip. Fill piping bag with stiff royal icing,(steps 1-5).

Cutting a tipless piping bag and inserting a petal piping tip inside the bag.


I used a a simple daisy icing template. I printed the template onto a card stock and then I laminated it between clear tape and I cut out with scissors. To make sure my petals where even I drew another circle inside with a marker and I used the drawn circle as my guide when I piped petals.

Pipe a dot of icing onto a flower nails and secure daisy icing template onto the flower nail, (step 1-4). Now secure a parchment square or wax paper on top of the template, (steps 4-8).

TIP : Alternatively use a double sided tape instead of icing.

Fingers holding a flower nail, and fingers of other hand attaching a round paper template onto the flower nail.
  • Hold the piping bag nearly perpendicular to the flower nail.
  • Wide part of the piping tip should be facing out and narrow part is facing center of the flower nail.
  • Nearly touch the parchment with the piping tip, squeeze the piping bag so icing comes come out.
  • Then move the piping tip towards the center and slowly release the pressure, (steps 1-2).
  • Turn the flower nail and repeat, (steps 3-8).
  • Follow the daisy template lines for even look of daisy flower petals.
Flower nail with a parchment square, petal tip piping white daisy petals


TIP : If you are in a rush and don’t have time to make flower centers, just pipe piping consistency yellow icing onto piped white petals instead.

Piped white daisy petals on a flower nail.

With your fingers or with dainty flower centers it’s easier to use tweezers, (steps 1-2). Place dry flower center into the middle of white petals. Gently push it down with your finger or a scribe tool. Carefully remove parchment/wax paper square from the flower nail and place flowers onto a flat tray. Allow to dry overnight, (steps 3-+5).

White flower petals piped onto a flower nail, tweezers attaching yellow flower center in the middle of the white flower.

It’s important that you let flowers dry on a flat surface or underside of dry flowers is going to be uneven.

Hand holding a flower nail with a piped white daisy royal icing flower.

Next day or in 7-8 hours carefully peel off baking paper (wax/parchment paper squares) from the dry royal icing flowers.

Hand peeling off parchment square from dry daisy flower.


Sugar flowers can be used to decorate cookies, cupcakes, cake and other desserts.

Here I used daisy flowers to embellish my Marbled Easter Egg Cookies.

Attaching sugar flower on blue marbled Easter egg cookies.


Store royal icing flowers and decorations in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Learn more about Royal Icing Transfers.

Metal flower nail with a brown parchment square and piped flower.



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  • Flower Nail
  • Petal Piping Tip #101
  • Food Gel Color : Lemon Yellow
  • White, Yellow Sanding Sugar or Yellow Nonpareils
  • Tweezers
  • Scribe Tool
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