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Football Cookies


I wanted to share with you today a bit from behind the scenes, especially what goes on  when making the cookie design. I know football cookies are nothing new to the cookie world and you’ve probably seen at least 100 different designs of them already;  excuse me being so far behind but these are my second football cookies in my whole cookie decorating “career”.:-)) I only made one other football cookie in 2009, seriously I’m not making this up,  I’m just not a Football person at all, but everything changes  if somebody else is I’ll make everything in my power to make them football cookies that they’ll love.

So here you can my initial design :
-I studied actual football images online and then I came up with this design, I was hoping I could make them look almost like a real thing, mainly I wanted to avoid childish appearance.

Cookies were for 50th Birthday and so I decided to add 50 to the design.
Make it easier for myself all the numbers are Royal Icing Transfers. I just gotta thank to the RIT inventor, my life at times would be pretty miserable, especially when trying to make all the 50 look the same.Once again I used Dry on Wet Technique to apply numbers to my cookies, you can find more about this here,
or if you’d like you can also visit my page dedicated to COOKIE DECORATING

Some of the details were hand painted with food gel coloring.



Since I had some cookie dough left I decided to make a Name Cookie.
Here is what it looked like before I  finished it with all the details :

And here is the final product:


Great part about making special cookies is the reward of customer loving the product and letting you know about it!

“Hani, I know I told you that they looked great, but I just wanted to let you know everyone loved them.They tasted wonderful.
Thank you again,

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