Acorn Horseshoe Cookies

I had no idea what to call these so I named them Acorn Horseshoe Cookies.  They are for a horse show event Far Hills Race.
I wanted to combine Fall and horse element together and this is what I came  up with. Originally I was going to use a  leaf cutter but then the  leaf shape got into the way of highlighting the horseshoe.

Here is a quick info on how I made these :

  • Almond Sugar Cookie, sugar cookie dough flavored with 1tbl of almond extract
  • Fresh Lemon Royal Icing, using fresh lemon juice is a wonderful way to flavor the icing plus it pairs nicely with a  delicious almond cookie.
  • To make the horseshoe I used a simple template I made. Technique can viewed in my previous tutorial here.
  • Bronze Luster Dust was used to paint the details. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to paint with luster dust here.
  • Quilted cookie technique can be found here.
Cookie making in process

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