Haniela's: Strawberry Cookies and Simple Packaging Idea

Strawberry Cookies and Simple Packaging Idea

Monday, July 15, 2013

I made Strawberry Cookies!
You can learn how make these in my video tutorial below.
They'd be a perfect addition to your picnic table or a Strawberry Summer Party.

To make Strawberry Cookies you need:
Royal Icing(recipe)
Royal icing tinted into :
3 shades of green : 15 second consistency - for leaves and strawberry leaf
light and dark pinkish red - 15 second consistency for strawberries ( I used electric pink with super red)
light pinkish red - piping(toothpaste) consistency - for the leaf stem
yellow - piping(toothpaste consistency) for the strawberry seeds and 15 second consistency for the leaf
Strawberry Cookie Cutter
Wilton Set of 3 Leaf Cutters
Americolors Food Colors : electric pink, super red, lemon yellow, leaf green, mint, avocado
Professional Needle Tool
Edible Markers by AmeriColor
AmeriColor Electric Color Soft Gel Paste Food Color 12 Pack Kit

Display/Packaging Idea
farmer's market paper baskets(available at Bake it Pretty)
clear cellophane bags
raffia or a any ribbon you have
paper napkin  -  I used cute gingham napkins( look at your Dollar Store, or order online
Paper Red Gingham Napkins
  • Line the basket with a napkin, fill with cookies. Put the basket into the clear bag, tie with a ribbon or raffia.

Strawberry Cookies Video Tutorial and Simple Packaging Idea

Do you want to make your strawberry cookies taste like strawberries? You can use fresh strawberries to make the royal icing. Janine from SugarKissed.net shares her Raspberry Royal Icing Recipe on her blog. Instead or raspberries use  fresh strawberries.

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