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Lay’s Potato Chips Cake

As we enter a new year one thing I would like to say is Thank You to  my friends, viewers, readers.  Happy and a Healthy New Year!
Few months back, in October my neighbor Jeff was celebrating his 63rd birthday. I have made a birthday cake for Jeff several times  before.
Here is a quick recap.

Owl Apple Pie

Level Cake


This time to help Jeff celebrate  I gave him a bag of his favorite Lay’s Chips. I mean I made him this awesome cake!
To make Potato Chips Cake you need:

MMF-marshmallow fondant
Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake
Swiss Buttercream

Fondant Tools
Tylose Powder
Silicone Rolling Pin 
Paint Brushes 
Food Colors  – to make yellow I used lemon yellow and tough of orange

Ganache or use buttercream
Edible Markers by FooDoodlers

Airbrush Food Colors

For the love of Lay’s Potato Chips I also made Potato Chips Cookies – Check out how to make them in the video tutorial.


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