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How to Make Sugar Diamonds

To make sugar diamonds you need :
Small heat resistant glass bowl
Pretreated Isomalt pearls
Silicone Gem Mold by First Impressions 
Pearl Luster dust
Ice water /just in case, this stuff is pretty hot, you can easily burn yourself/


If you’d like to view in action how to make these check out my  video tutorial
How To Make Sugar Diamonds by Haniela’s
Prepare your heat resistant gem mold by brushing it with pearl dust, using a fine brush.


Place few pieces of broken up isomalt sticks or few perlas in a heat resistant bowl/small bowl/ and place them in the microwave on a silicone mat, hear them in 15 seconds intervals until they are melted and star to bubble on the top slightly.CAUTION: BURNING HOT MIXTURE!!!
Using a toothpick stir the mixture to get the air bubbles out.
Pour into the molds. This part cane is a little tricky. Because the gem mold cavities are rather small you need a thin isomalt. Isomalt will get thick quite quickly you will need reheat it in the microwave for several seconds. Use a toothpick to control the flow. If there is a small overfill, immediately pick up with a clean Q-tip.
Let  isomalt harden for a several minutes and umold the diamonds.
I used Sugar Diamonds on The Seashell Cake
 The Designer Cookie Rings with Sugar Diamonds.

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  1. Beautiful diamonds! How much Isomalt did it take to fill the Gem Mold? I'd like to give this a try, but I don't know how much Isomalt to buy. Is there a difference between Isomalt Pearls and Isomalt Sugar? Thanks for your help!

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