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Ice Cream Cone Cookies

With these adorable decorated ice cream cone cookies, you are sure to put a smile on someone’s face. Today I’ll show you how to decorate ice cream cone cookies in four easy ways.

Ice cream cone cookies decorated with royal icing displayed on teal background.

updated from 2010


Decorated ice cream cone cookie on teal background.

Cookie Cutter

I used a cardstock cookie-cutter template and hand-cut sugar cookies using a pen blade knife. You can also use an Exacto knife (steps 1- 2). My ice cream cone cookie cutter template can be found in my template shop. Please refer to the tools and recipe section at the bottom of this post for more details.

Fingers holding a cardstock template and a small exacto knife.

Decorated Soft Serve Ice Cream Cookies

Start by drawing guides with an edible marker (step 1). I recommend using yellow or light brown edible markers, if possible, avoid using dark edible markers like black.

Flood the swirl sections with about a 20-second consistency icing. Use a scribe to smooth the icing (steps 2-6).

Piping bag filled with pink icing, flooding a cookie.

Continue outlining and flooding every other section with royal icing (steps 1-6). Let icing crust for 15 minutes before icing neighboring sections. This ensures there is dimension.

Flooding a small section of ice cream cone swirl with light pink icing..

While pink icing is crusting, you can start decorating the cone section with two shades of ivory royal icing, about 15-20 second consistency.

First, flood with darker ivory icing (steps 1-4), then immediately flood another area with lighter ivory. Use a scribe tool to shape the icing while wet (steps 5-8). Let ivory icing crust for 20 minutes.

Piping with dark ivory and light ivory icing.

Now that the first layer of pink sections is crusted, we can add the last pink section. I didn’t want layers to blend where they are connecting. That’s why I waited for light pink to crust. Again, let icing crust for 10 minutes (steps 1-6).

Piping a small swirl section with pink icing.

Now, pipe the top cone section with light ivory icing (steps 1-6).

Flooding top section of ice cream con with ivory icing.

And now flood the sections between light pink areas with dark pink or another contrasting color. Use icing of 20-second consistency. With a scribe tool, shape the icing while wet, primarily concentrating on points (steps 1-8). Let the icing dry overnight.

Flooding a swirl portion of ice cream cone with dark pin icing.

Finish decorating cone with piping consistency ivory or light brown icing. And then immediately dust icing with sanding sugar or, in this case, granulated sugar will work as well. Shake off excess sugar (steps 1-4). Lastly, outline sections with light pink and dark pink piping consistency icing.

Piping a lattice pattern onto a ice cream cone and dusting it with sanding sugar.

Simple Ice Cream Cookies

In this easy ice cream cone design, I started with the cone. Use a marker to draw a simple guide onto the cone section, if needed (step 1). Now outline and flood half of the cone with light ivory icing and immediately ice the area next to it with dark ivory icing. Use a scribe to smooth the icing and accentuate corners (steps 5-8). Let icing crust for 20 minutes.

Decorating ice cream cone with two shade ivory royal icing.

Now outline and flood the entire swirl section with pink royal icing of 15-second consistency.

Use a scribe to distribute the icing evenly. Let dry overnight (steps 1-8).

Smoothing pink icing with a scribe.

Finish this simple design by adding outlines with a piping consistency pink icing. I created piping guides by gently scratching the surface of the icing (steps 1-2). Outline and pipe details with piping consistency icing (steps 3-8).

Piping outlines and details with pink and brown icing.

Ice Cream Cookies with Sprinkles

With an edible marker, draw guides onto a cookie. I used a yellow edible marker (step 1). Then pipe swirl section outlines with piping consistency pink royal icing (steps 2-3). Now with dark ivory icing flood the section of the cone and immediately ice the area next to it with light ivory (steps 4-8). Let icing crust for 10 minutes.

Outlining swirl part of ice cream cone with pink icing.

Once dark pink outlines are crusted fill sections with light pink icing of 15 to 20-second consistency. I used the wet-on-wet royal icing decorating technique to create white shading. Take white icing of 15-second consistency, pipe an oval shape, and a small dot into the wet pink icing (steps 5-6). Carefully drop rainbow sprinkles onto the wet pink icing (steps 7-8).

Flooding an outlined section with pink icing and decorating it with rainbow sprinkles.

Repeat with the top section and let it crust (steps 1-4). Then flood the middle area (step 5).

Piping white dots onto pink icing.

Outline and flood the top cone section with light ivory icing. Use a scribe to smooth and distribute the icing. Let dry overnight.

Scribe smoothing ivory icing on ice cream cone cookie.

Use light brown or dark ivory icing of piping consistency and pipe the lattice pattern onto the bottom of the ice cream cone. Immediately dust icing with white sanding sugar, or in this case, you can also use granulated sugar. Shake off excess (steps 1-6).

Piping a lattice pattern onto ice cream cone.

Vector Ice Cream Cookies

Using two colors, I decorated swirl vertically in this vector-inspired ice-cream cone design.

With a marker, I draw the guide onto the cookie (steps 1-2). Now decorate the bottom of the ice cream cone with light ivory icing of 15 to 20-second consistency. Smooth icing with a scribe (steps 3-8).

Hand holding an edible marker, drawing on a cookie.

To decorate the swirl portion, first I iced the right edge with light brown and then immediately I flooded the half of the swirl with brown icing of 15-second consistency (steps 3-6). While wet, add small dots at the bottom and top of the brown section (steps 7-8).

Flooding half of the swirl with dark brown icing.

With 15-20 second consistency pink icing flood the left half of the swirl (steps 1-3). Using dark pink 15-20 second consistency pipe a wavy line across the pink section, vertically (steps 5-8). Let crust and ice the top cone section with light ivory icing. Let dry.

Flooding half of swirl on ice cream cone with pink icing.

To create an even zic zac pattern, I used a scribe tool to make small, evenly spaced out dots in dry icing. These small dots act as guides (steps 1-2). With a piping consistency of light brown icing pipe zic zac lines (steps 3-4). Lastly, pipe a lattice pattern with light brown icing on the bottom part of the cone (steps 5-8).

Piping a lattice pattern onto a cone.

Wet-on-Wet Soft Serve Ice Cream Cookies

In this ice cream cone design, I used the wet-on-wet royal icing technique to decorate the swirl part.

Ice the cone with ivory royal icing and let crust for 30 minutes. With an edible marker draw piping guides (steps 1-5).

Hand holding a yellow edible marker, drawing on a cookie.

With dark brown icing of 15-second consistency pipe thick lines along the drawn lines (steps 1-6).

Piping dark brown icing lines onto the ice cream cone swirl.

Immediately, with lighter shade brown pipe lines next to dark lines (steps 1-6).

Piping lighter brown icing next dark brown lines.

Next, pipe sections with light brown icing (steps 1-4). To make highlights use white icing ( steps 5-7). Continue flooding with light brown icing (step 8). Let crust for 30 minutes.

Flooding swirl portion of ice cream cone with light three shades of brown royal icing.

With light ivory icing, about 20 to 25-second consistency pipe a thin strip at the top of the cone. Let crust (steps 1-5).

Piping a thin line with ivory icing.

I used piping consistency light brown icing to pipe details, and outlines (steps 1-8).

Piping details onto ice cream cone and swirl with light brown icing.

And here are all four ice cream cone designs I created. I really can’t pick a favorite but if you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

Decorated ice cream cone cookies with royal icing.

To Make Decorated Ice Cream Cookies You Need

Detail of royal ice cream cone cookie decorated with pink icing.

This post was originally published on July 19th, 2010. On May 18th, 2022 I updated this post with new step-by-step pictures and written instructions.

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  1. Excellent job on the cookies Hana!

    Katie & Raider both look very cute…
    You really captured their essence.


  2. MrsKT, thanks for your comment, it could be smoother but overall I'm pretty happy with these.

    Faithy, isn't he adorable, he was doing all kinds of maneuvers to get closer to the cookie.
    Glad you like it. I too like the shading

    June, sweetie thanks for stopping by. Pugalicious..lol that is one cool expression, Katie will love that.It was a fun day for sure.

    Sweet Things TO, thank you for your encouraging words.

    Jenniffer, glad you like them. Too bad they are all gone now, all eaten.

  3. HEY! These cookies are soooo precious, Hani. They look especially wonderful with Katie modeling them – and Pugalicious too! How cute – he's laughing. Looks like a wonderful day everyone had – love the whole article.

    xoxo, j.

  4. I love these ice cream cookies too! Esp the swirls on top! You made it look so much like the real ice cream! So pretty!

    Great photos too! I love the little pug dog wanting to taste it too! my sis use to have this breed of dog..they are so adorable!

  5. Thank you ladies so much for your wonderful comments.I'm really happy how these turned out too.

    Bea, I have tried different knives and exacto knife or a small paring knife work best for me. I struggle with the edges too, keeping the dough chilled really helps me to keep the edge tearing to minimum.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Adorable! I don't seem to get smooth edges when cutting with exacto knife… I must be doing something wrong…

  7. I LOVE these ice cream cone cookies, the swirled ice cream on top is too cute…they are just precious and the colors are so sweet!

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