Easy Mini Watermelon Cookies

I really love mini cookies. Not only they are super cute but they make great little gifts. With the picnic season in full swing I decided to  make mini watermelon cookies. These minis were finished in no time. 
I gave them to our postmaster Vince.
See, few weeks back we went on a big shopping trip to BJ, a wholesale supplier. I bought lots of butter, pork, chicken, fruit…etc. On the way home we stopped at the post office to get the mail and we never really left. Car wouldn’t start. Nothing.  I called the road assistance, they were on their way.
Are you still with me? I had  butter and fresh meat in the car. It was hot. No AC. I was still pretty calm with a chance of  a sudden thunderstorm.
Post office was closing and Vince our postmaster was just leaving so I rushed to catch him before he leaves and I asked him if he’d  take me home to take the groceries. Out car broke down etc. As calm as humanly possible Vince told me he’d take me home. “Sure” he replied. So  I grabbed all the perishables and took them home.
Road assistance came in about an hour, they couldn’t jump start us. Having only  one car in the household is fine if that one car is working, having one car that is not, not so much. In about 90 minutes tow truck arrived and took us to a local dealership. They were able to find us a loaner and we were on the way home. One week later, car ended up having  a major repair, costing a big chunk of $$…but at least the butter was safe.

To make the watermelon cookies you need – Follow the Video Tutorial Below
AmeriColor Electric Color Soft Gel Paste Food Color 12 Pack Kit

Mint Green Color

Super Red 13.5 Oz
Professional Needle Tool
Plain Round Cutter Set

Royal Icing 15 second consistency : mint, white, pinkish red (electric pink with little bit of super red americolor gel coloring), black(white with some cocoa powder and black food coloring – let it sit for few hours, color will darken over time)

Display/Packaging Supplies
Gingham Red Picnic Paper Plates & Napkins Set
Yellow Paper Cups (24 count)

Baker’s Twine, Celery Green

Party Bags 4″X9″ 50/Pkg – Clear

Mini Watermelon Cookies Video Tutorial


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