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Decorated Easter Cookies

This year fill your Easter basket with beautiful colorful decorated Easter Cookies. In this diy Easter cookie decorating tutorial I’ll show you step by step how to make cute Easter bunnies, easy yellow chick cookies, simple carrots and a fun twist on Easter egg cookies. Let’s start.

updated post from 2017


To make the decorated Easter cookies I used 4 cookie cutters : bunny head, sitting/profile bunny, egg and a carrot cookie cutter.

TIP : You can find a list of recipes and tools used to make cute decorated Easter cookies at the bottom of this post.


This yellow chick cookie design is super popular. It’s simple, easy to make and super cute!


Start by outlining and flooding an egg shaped cookie with yellow royal icing (15 second consistency). Use a scriber needle tool to smooth the icing. Then allow icing to dry overnight, (step 1-6).

Now with yellow icing (15sec) outline and pipe the wings on the sides. With a needle tool smooth and shape wet icing. Immediately dust wet icing with yellow sanding sugar.

TIP: There are several types of sugars crystals that can used in baking and decorating. Ranging from fine to coarse : Granulated Sugar, Sanding Sugar and Coarse Sugar. Sanding sugar is not the same as granulated sugar. Sanding sugar is coarser than granulated sugar.It has larger sugar crystals than granulated sugar. But it’s smaller than coarse sanding sugar. So to sum it up sanding sugar falls between granulated and coarse sanding sugar. I like to roll Gingersnap Cookies in coarse sanding sugar before I bake them off.

To make details such as beak, eyes and feet it’s best to use slightly thicker icing. Pipe a beak with orange icing (20 second consistency). Use a needle tool to shape the icing and accentuate the corners ,(step 1-3).

With white icing (20sec) pipe 2 eyes just above the beak. Immediately pipe a black dot into each white dot, (step 4-5).

Lastly create reflection. With tip of a needle tool pick up a tiny amount of white icing. Then carefully place it on the edge of black dot, (step 6-7). Pipe the feet at the bottom. (step 8).


Today, I turned an egg into an ice-cream Easter egg cookie. How fun is that?!

Easter egg cutter belongs to a category of multi-purpose cutters. I have to say it’s definitely on the list of must have cutters. It can be used for variety of cookie designs. For example use it to make Spiderman Cookies, Dinosaur Eye Cookies , 3D Basket Cookies or Angry Birds Cookies.


Start by turning the cookie upside down, so the pointier side is facing down. Ice bottom half of the cookie with ivory royal icing (15sec). Use a needle tool to smooth the icing, (step 1-3). Allow icing to develop a thick crust, about 2 hours.

Take light brown or dark ivory icing (piping consistency) and pipe the grid across light ivory section. Allow icing to crust for 30 minutes, (step 4-8).

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Flood the top portion of an egg cookie with dark pink (20sec). Pipe the drips onto the waffle/ice cream cone part of the cookie. Smooth and shape wet icing with a needle tool. Allow pink to crust well, 1 hour, (step 1-6).

TIP : If you don’t have a sriber needle tool you can also use a toothpick or turkey lacers.

Finish this fun ice cream cone egg cookie design with some fudge. Use brown royal icing (20sec). Pipe brown icing on the top, overlaying a small area of dark pink royal icing. Pipe the drips. And then dust wet brown icing with rainbow jimmies.

TIP : What are jimmies? Jimmies are sprinkles. In the Northeastern United States, sprinkles are often referred to as jimmies.



Start by outlining and flooding the face portion of the cookie with white royal icing (15sec). Smooth icing with a needle tool. Allow icing to crust for 2 hours, (step 1-4).

Now with orange royal icing (15sec) outline and fill in carrot ears, one ear at a time. Let dry overnight, (step 5-8).

Now that white icing is dry use a pink petal dust (FDA) and dip a clean dry Q-tip into a dry dust. Gently shake off excess into the bottle and then apply small amount onto the cheeks. Apply dust onto cheeks with gentle circular motion, (step 1-2).

Make the eyes. With black icing (20sec) pipe 2 dots just above the pink cheeks. Then immediately pipe white dots into the black, into the upper half of the black dot. With a tip of a needle tool pick up a tiny amount of white icing. Then carefully place it onto the lower half of the black dot, (step 3-8).

Finish facial features with an edible marker. Draw the mouth with a fine tip edible marker. Pipe a small amount of white icing just above the mouth and then attach mini heart sprinkles for the nose, (step 1-4).

Now with green icing (piping consistency) pipe 2 – number 8/infinity symbols at the base of the ears. Pipe a small orange dot in the center, (step 5-6).

With orange icing (piping consistency) pipe short lines across the carrot ears, (step 7-8).

TIP : If you don’t have a pink petal dust (FDA/edible) you can make pink cheeks by using wet on wet technique. Pipe 2 pink dots into the white icing while it’s wet. Pink should be 15 second consistency.



Outline and flood the whole bunny cookie with white icing (15sec). With a  scriber tool smooth the icing. Let the icing dry overnight, (step 1-6).

Dip a tip of food only fan paint brush into a silver edible paint. Don’t over saturate bristles. In one direction paint the surface of the cookie with couple of strokes.

TIP : If you don’t have ready to use silver edible paint you can also use silver luster dust. Into a tiny dish add small amount of dry silver luster dust. Add several drops of lemon extract and stir well until all well mixed. Mixture should have a consistency of paint.

Now we are ready to airbrush bunny cookies. I used 3 stencils and a green airbrush food color.

TIP : If you have a stencil holder use it to keep the stencil in place. However if you don’t own a stencil holder you can also use magnets.

Depending on how thick are the magnets you’ll need to stack them to the thickness of the cookie you are airbrushing. I used standard size magnets and I stacked 2 magnets on the bottom and one on the top. Then I placed my stencil between the 2. Magnets secure stencil in place and it won’t be lifted when you are airbrushing your cookies, (step 1-4).

When airbrushing using an edger stencil you might want to keep the edge of the stencil from moving too much. Use a needle tool or a toothpick to keep the edge of the stencil from being lifted by air coming from the airbrush, (step 5-6).

Pipe white icing onto the tail section and dust it immediately with white sanding sugar.



Outline and flood the bottom of the carrot with orange royal icing (15sec). Smooth the icing with a needle tool. Allow icing to crust, (step 1-5).

Pipe the carrot leaves with green icing (piping consistency). Pipe straight line in layers. Allow each layer to crust for several minutes before piping another layer on the top. Let dry,  (step 6-7). Finish carrot cookie by drawing brown lines and small dots on the orange icing with brown edible marker.

TIP : In this tutorial I used a fine tip edible markers by Rainbow Dust. Both of these marker have a dual tip. Fine tip and a standard tip.



This post was originally published on April 14th, 2017. On March 5th, 2020 I updated this post with new step by step photos, written text and a video.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links that earn me a small commission, at no cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and love. Learn more about my affiliate policy here.

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