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Luster Dust

 When you want your cookies,chocolates, cakes, fondant or royal icing decorations to have a little sparkle using Luster Dust is a perfect way to achieve that. Luster dust is nontoxic, tasteless, odorless edible powder,it
 comes in a form of a powder and in the wide variety of  colors. I’d say most universal for me is CK Products Pearl Dust
 or you can also get lustre spray, it comes in different colors as well,  again most useful for me is PME Sugarcraft Lustre Spray – Pearl


Dry Application

 when using dry form of powdered luster dust to achieve shimmer on  fondant covered cakes, cupcakes, or even decorated  cookies :
-for larger areas use larger /makeup style/ full and very soft brush to achieve maximum coverage, using circular motion apply luster dust,
-synthetic kinds seems to be less prone to “hair” loss
when applying dry luster dust to cupcakes use a smaller a bit flatter brush with longer bristles
 -using  lustre spray is a great solution as well
                                                    – pearl luster dust is very versatile
when using  luster dust to add shimmer to royal icing, make sure all surfaces are sufficiently dry before application. 

pearl luster dust was brushed on the top of the fondant icing on the cupcake

  pearl luster dust was brushed on the top of the dried royal icing on the cookies:

 Wet Application 

-when using wet application of powdered luster dust :
-you need luster dust of your desired color  
-small brush

  • To use luster dust for painting purposes you need to mix it with alcohol with higher alcohol content. Reason you want the higher alcohol content is that you don’t want alcohol to be sitting on your painted decorations, this will cause a royal icing to melt and form unsightly looking finish. You want liquid to evaporate as fast as possible, higher content alcohol will do just that.
    There are variety of products on  the market that you can use, depending on where  you are located and what is available to you :cake decorators rose spirit
    McCormick lemon extract(alcohol 83%), orange extract and mint extract -all these extracts have high alcohol content and they will work for the wet luster dust application. I use lemon and orange most frequently..
    everclear (grain alcohol – 95%) – in USA in some states it is illegal to sell.
    Gin- some people use this as well, I personally haven’t tested this
    -I use the painter’s palette tool, each cavity can hold a different color luster dust. 

  -when adding alcohol to dry luster dust, add only a tiny bit/by drops/, more liquid you add to luster dust, less vibrant the shimmer
-you can keep unused portions of luster dust in the painter’s palette, store it away from dust and moisture when not in use, when you are ready to use it again, use the spoon to scrape the dry dust and reuse.
when using wet luster dust to paint fondant, gum paste or royal icing, make sure all surfaces are sufficiently dry before application. 
using  lustre spray is a great solution as well

Here I used gold luster dust to paint the  royal icing crosses gold.

Blue luster dust was used to paint the blue fondant gem on the cookie ring

Details and tassels painted with gold luster dust



Details painted with gold, pink luster dust 
Details of gum paste figure painted with pearl luster dust
Different Colors of Luster Dust can be mixed to achieve the desired color. For example, when I was making my cookie map, I wanted to use orange, but I didn’t have any orange, so I mixed together some red and yellow and there was my orange, it work with other colors as well. Same mixing technique worked with grass green, I mixed dark green with yellow until I was happy with the shade of the green.
Just remember PRIMARY COLORS : RED,BLUE AND YELLOW can not be mixed from any other 
SECONDARY COLOR: Violet = blue + red, Orange = yellow + red, Green = yellow + blue
TERTIARY COLOR : these are created by mixing primary color with secondary colors

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  1. Can’t find anywhere on the internet. Can you use luster dust on cookies that haven’t been iced, just a naked baked cookie?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Luster dust can be used on a bare cookie. I’d recommend creating a paint first. Mix some luster dust with just a few drops of eveclear, or hight content clear alcohol and then use
      food safe paint brush and paint the cookie.

  2. No it wont completely cover or change the colors wet it kind melts the coating on the m&ms. But dry it can give a wonderful elegant two tone look to them. For my wedding witch was purple and silver I used purple m&m's and silver luster dust. I just put the m&m in a zip lock bag add dust close bag and shake and you have awesome looking m&m.I have also these as a Boarder around cakes.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if the luster dust can would be able to completely cover over an existing color. I want to make M&Ms a pearl white color but don't have time to order them. Thanks!

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