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Easter Chicks Coloring Pages Cookies

How about edible coloring pages therapy? Today I’ll show how I made adorable decorated Easter chicks coloring pages cookies.

Square cookies iced with white icing and black outlines colored with edible markers.

updated from 2014


I made these cookies in 2014, shortly after I first saw this fun decorating technique over at my friend Marlyn’s YouTube Channel-Montreal Confections.

It is so fun. And even though coloring pages are considered mainly a child’s affair, I think adults could use a little childhood therapy, don’t you think?

Royal Icing Consistency

Making coloring pages cookies using royal icing is pretty straightforward. Basically, we need to create a design we can then color on white icing. And to do that I used dark icing that I piped onto the wet white icing. To help me achieve this I’m going to employ the wet-on-wet technique.

First, I flooded the cookie with white icing, immediately after I used dark-colored icing to pipe the design onto the wet white icing. The dark outlines should sink into the white base, forming a seamless layer of icing. Here are a few examples of such wet-on-wet designs: Floral Bunny Cookies, Cherry Stand Mixer Cookies.

Yellow edible marker with the tip exposed sitting on top of the undecorated cookie.

  • For Easter chicks coloring pages cookies I used:
  • 15-second consistency white icing for the base.
  • And 10-second consistency black icing for the outlines. 10-second consistency icing sinks into the white base quickly, without a problem.
  • If you find 10-second icing is coming out of the piping bag too quickly, you can also use 15-second consistency. Just be sure to pipe black outlines quickly, so the dark lines sink into the white icing properly.

Flood the Cookies

Outline and flood the cookies with 15-second consistency royal icing. Use a scribe to smooth the icing (steps 1-8). Don’t let the icing crust. Work with one cookie at a time.

Outlining a flooding a square cookie with white royal icing.

Piping Easter Chicks Designs with Black Royal Icing

  • I suggest you draw your designs onto a piece of paper first.
  • If you watch the video from 2014 you’ll see I used sandwich bags to decorate these cookies. I use tipless piping bags now.
  • Make the opening on the piping bag small.
  • When doing wet-on-wet piping like this, it’s better to have a small opening on a piping bag. The line you pipe with dark icing onto the wet white base will spread a little as it sinks. So, if your opening on the piping bag is too big icing will come out fast and your lines will be thick.
  • Work with one cookie at a time.
  • Let the icing dry overnight before coloring cookies with edible markers.

TIP: Don’t put too much pressure onto the piping bag when piping the grass, chick, rainbow, flowers, sun.

Square cookie flooded with white icing, piping black outlines for the grass, chick, rainbow and a flower.

Create several coloring pages designs. Try to keep your designs simple.

Piping black outlines onto wet white royal icing.
Piping black royal icing outlines onto the white wet icing.

I created several similar designs, using chicks, flowers, rainbows, and grass outlines.

Piping a chick, flower and sun outlines with black royal icing, onto a white icing.
Piping black clouds and chick outlines onto wet white royal icing.

Decorate with Food Coloring Markers

Edible markers and cookies decorated with white and black icing.
  • Before drawing on cookies decorated with royal icing, you need to let the icing dry. It’s best to let it dry overnight.
  • There are many different edible markers on the market (step 1). For royal icing surface coloring like I’m doing today I like to use FooDoodlers and Americolor brand markers.
  • Americolor brand markers (step 2)- these have a paintbrush-like tip and provide good coverage quickly.
  • FooDoodlers – thick tip markers, they also provide great coverage (step 3).
Collection of different edible markers stored in clear ziploc bags.

Color inside of the shapes you piped with black icing.

Coloring royal icing cookies with edible markers.


Allow colored areas to dry. If the colored area feels a bit tacky, dust the surface of the icing lightly with a little bit of corn starch. Use a fat round food-only paintbrush. Package cookies as usual.

Detail of cookie decorated with royal icing and colored with edible markers.

To Make Easter Chicks Coloring Pages Cookies You Need

Square cookies decorated with white icing, with black outlined designs and colored with edible markers.

This post was originally published on March 26th, 2014. On March 21th, 2022 I updated this post with new step-by-step pictures and written text.

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