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Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread Centerpiece

santa, gingerbread, christmas


It’s no secret that I love decorating gingerbread so when folks at Wilton asked if I’d like  participate in Instagram Take Over on Wilton’s instagram page  decorating  this adorable Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread Centerpiece I was all over it. I adore this cookie idea so much.  It’s perfect for this joyous season and super easy to put together. Gingerbread kit comes with lots of pre-made decorations and sprinkles you can use for your gingerbread centerpiece.

Wilton provided me  with the gingerbread kit and all materials I needed for the project.

Things you’ll need for this project:

Wilton Gingerbread Kit

Toothpick or a needle tool

Star Piping Tip#14

Grass Piping Tip #234

Holiday Snowflake Sprinkle Mix

White Sparkling Sugar

Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer Decorations

A pair of scissors

Food only paint brush


  • Here are all the cookie panels, icing and decorations you’ll find in the box.

santa, gingerbread, christmas

  • Bench cookies parts are attached to the main floor panel. I carefully broke them apart and I used a  microplane zester to smooth the rough edges.

santa, gingerbread, christmas

  • To make the frosty looking windows I used a white icing, paint brush and a needle tool.  I’ve used this technique many times. It’s super easy. I brushed d a thin layer of white icing on the cookies. Then I used a needle tool to draw the stars, wiping the tip of the tool into a clean paper towel once or twice to remove icing residue.


gingerbread, christmas


  • I decided to pipe some delicate lines at the top of the panels.  I also used cute Holiday Snowflake Sprinkle Mix.  Before you can add the holly leaves you’ll have to cut a V shape opening on the piping bag. I piped the leaves just under the window frame and I used red icing to make the berry.


christmas, gingerbread

  • Because it’s a Santa’s Workshop I also included couple of Santa Hats.  I first piped the red parts, got for a triangle shape and let it crust for 10 minutes.  Then I piped the trim and pom pom with white icing. Dust the white sections with White Sparkling Sugar  for  some sparkle and texture. To make the tree I used a Star Piping Tip#14  and pretty Christmas Lights Sprinkles(included in the kit). Santa’s bag with toys (also included in the kit) was added right after I piped the tree.

santas workshop

  • When you first open box you’ll noticed that bench comes attached to the main floor panel. You will need to break it apart. If there are any rough edges after use a mircoplane zester to smooth those out.  I used a simple zic zac design to decorate the sides.  To make the tree skirt I used aGrass Piping Tip #234  and snowflake sprinkles.

  • I also got some extra  Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Decorations from Wilton and I attached them on the top panel like you see in the picture.


Here is the finished scene with all the little decorations(included in the kit).  Isn’t it adorable.

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santa, gingerbread


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