Haniela's: Disney Little Mermaid Gingerbread House

Disney Little Mermaid Gingerbread House

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

It's no secret I love making gingerbread houses. 
Today I dove into the deep blue ocean and dug up this beautiful Little Mermaid House. It even has bubbles and all.
As you all know, it was a labor of love to put this together and I'm super happy with it. It's magical, with so many cute details. Which is your favorite?

Little Mermaid Video Tutorial - watch it here

To make Little Mermaid Gingerbread house you need:

Disposable Piping BagsFood only paint brushEdible Markers by FooDoodlers or Americolor Brand MarkersAmericolor Foodcolors

Cookie Cutters - Chimney - from this cutter setCookie Cutters - house panelsTweezers used in the videoLight Brown Marker

Piping tip #2- for the mermaid tail
Petal Tip for roof
Edible Gold Luster Dust-to paint the tail
Blue Petal Dust for the front door
White Sanding Sugar
Silicone Mold for fondant accents
Sea Shell Silicone Mold
To make sand I used brown sugar and granulated sugar
Icing comb 
Needle Tool

RecipesGingerbread Dough for Centerpieces - if making your own house panelsRoyal Icing 

This is the template for the front door, corals, seas shells etc.

This is a template for mermaid tail, and side window.

 Here are few photos from the process. For a full step by step tutorial check out my video.
Gingerbread roof panels
Royal Icing Transfers drying

Royal Icing decorations

Scallop Shell for the window

Side Window
Front Door

Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Tail painted with gold

Panels freshly iced and combed with icing comb

Decorated Side panel 

House Assembly

One of my favorite elements from this house are the bubbles, they are so fun and add a really nice mood to the design.

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