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Pig Cookies

It all started with a saying of my other half….”The best dessert is a pig”, well clearly you get that he loves pork. …so to combine my love  for sweets and his love  for pork…hm hm…a friend came to the rescue with the cutest  animated  pig ever.
I loved it so so much I had to create a cookie template and made a few of these adorable cookie pigs.
Here you can see the template I made and also I decided to make royal icing transfers for the pigs’ noses. It worked wonderfully.
For royal icing transfers I used wax paper, piped the designs, let dry.Once the pink noses royal icing transfers were dry I painted them with pink luster dust mixed with a bit of lemon extract.  I attached all pieces together with a drop of royal icing, it works like a glue.



How to make cookie “cutter” templates

Here is a step by step. Hope this makes sense.


 1st cookie -to create the seamless transition between 2 different shades of pink I had to pipe two lines using both darker and lighter pink, this helped a lot when I was flooding the cookie with 2 different shades of colors,they didn’t bleed into each other.

Here is a detail.———————————->

2nd cookie – I flooded the cookie and left it dry for several hours.
In the meantime I made royal icing transfers for the noses, left those to dry as well.

3rd cookie – I added the nose and piped the details.

4th cookie -I added black details

I really like how these cookies turned out. I hope they make you SMILE !


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