Captain America Shield Cookies

A friend asked me to make Captain America Shield cookies. Of course, no problem, I thought.  Then I realized : all those circles, how am I going to pipe them?

Decorated red blue white patriotic captain america cookies.


Even after many years of cookie decoration I still don’t own a kopykake or a Pico projector. When decorating cookies I mostly I rely on my handmade templates.

Round Captain America Shield Cookie decorated with blue red and white royal icing.



I made these shield cookies in 2015 and since then an airbrushing Shield Stencil came available. If airbrushing is your thing this stencil will definitely safe you some time when making the cookies.

However if you are like me you can make a circle stencil and a star template. I used them to help me pipe even circles/rings and a white star.

To make a template I used a card stock and exacto knife to cut out the narrow slits in the template.


To make my red royal icing I used Super Red gel food coloring by Americolor Brand. To safe myself a trouble of making red royal icing every time from white icing I always freeze any red icing leftovers for later. It really comes handy for projects like these.

If you haven’t frozen royal icing before check out my ultimate Guide How to Freeze and Reuse Frozen Royal icing.

If starting with white royal icing I add Super Red gel food coloring by Americolor brand until icing turns red with a pink hue. Then I let the colored icing overnight or even for couple of days at room temperature. As the colored icing matures it deepens in colors. After this if your icing is not desired red color you can add little more food coloring.



Yield: 15

Captain America Shield Cookies

Decorated red blue white patriotic captain america cookies.

How to decorate Captain America Shield Cookies with royal icing.

Prep Time 1 hour
Active Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Drying Time 9 hours
Total Time 11 hours 20 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate


  • Sugar Cookies
  • Royal Icing


  • Food Gel Colors : red, blue
  • Edible Marker
  • Templates - cut these out with an exacto knife
  • Round Cookie Cutter
  • Needle Tool
  • Piping Bags


  1. Trace outlines onto the cookies using a template and edible marker.Card stock paper template.
  2. With blue royal icing 15 second consistency flood the middle round. Follow drown guides to pipe an even circle. Smooth the icing with the needle tool. Let crust 10 minutes. Piping a circle with blue royal icing.
  3. Now we are going to pipe a red ring around the blue round. Take red royal icing 15 second consistency and pipe a line on the edge of blue round and 1st round perimeter. Flood with red icing and smooth with a needle tool. Let crust 10 minutes. Piping red ring with royal icing.
  4. In the same fashion but with white 15 second consistency royal icing pipe a line along the outer edge of red ring, and 1st circle perimeter. next to it. Fill the gap with white icing and smooth it with a needle tool. Let crust for 10 minutes.Piping with white royal icing.
  5. Lastly with red royal icing 15 second consistency pipe a red ring around the white. Using 15 second consistency royal icing. Let dry overnight.Piping a ring shape with red royal icing.
  6. To make star I decided to pipe it with royal icing. However you can also utilize a stencil if you have one. That will a lot faster. To pipe a star I traced the inner points of the star onto the dry blue icing using a star template and and edible marker.
    Tracing a star shape on royal icing.
  7. Pipe a star with white 15 second consistency royal icing. Pipe the outer outline first and then flood the inside. Use a needle to accentuate the points of the star. Let dry.Piping a star with royal icing.



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Round Captain America Shield cookies.

I updated this post from 2015 with a step by step picture tutorial, more written instructions and photos.

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