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Pot Of Gold and Leprechaun Cookies

I rarely make Saint Patrick’s Day cookies, in fact I haven’t made any in several years. Shameful, I know! Finally, it’s about to change. I’ve prepared several new tutorials and I can’t wait to share them with you soon. First, we are going to make Pot Of Gold and Leprechaun Cookies.

To make Pot Of Gold and Leprechaun cookies I used a cutter that is easily obtainable. Cupcake Cookie Cutter. I’m sure you have it in your cutter collection. Cupcake shape is really versatile and is super popular with cookie decorators all over the world.


Coloring icing is my least favorite part of the cookie decorating process. This is when having some frozen icing really comes handy. If you have frozen royal icing you can utilize it to make your rainbow colors. Find out more about how to reuse frozen royal icing for cookie decorating in my post How to freeze and reuse frozen royal icing.


  • Using edible marker divide the top(swirl) portion of the cupcake cutter into 6 sections.
  • Ice every other section. Let is crust for 10 minutes
  • Flood the remaining sections. Let crust for 30 minutes
  • Then with black royal icing flood the bottom of the cupcake.
  • While black is wet create star shapes in the icing. Refer to the video below on how to make those


  • To make the gold coins use a stencil and stiff royal icing colored with ivory and yellow food colors.
  • Then place the stencil on a wax paper sheet. Spread stiff icing over the stencil and smooth it out. Lift the stencil and let the coins dry.
  • Using an airbrush and gold shimmer airbrush paint spray the coins. Let dry.
  • Remove coins from the wax paper. Store in an airtight container.
rainbow pot of gold


  • Turn cupcake cutter upside down. Draw the design with edible marker.
  • Flood the face with a skin tone royal icing (ivory and a touch of pink food coloring).
  • Make the eye while skin tone icing is till well. Refer to a video tutorial below.
  • Ice ears.
  • Flood the black section. Let crust.
  • Pipe the nose with skin tone icing.
  • Using orange and green royal icing flood remaining sections. Use white icing to make the stars on the top of the green hat while green is still wet. Let crust for an hour.
  • Then make the buckle with yellow royal icing. Let dry completely.
  • After buckle has dried you can paint the it with edible gold luster dust mixed with little bit of lemon extract.
  • Next outline beard, hat and ear with piping consistency royal icing.
  • Use pink petal dust to add color to the cheeks and ears.
  • Pipe eyebrows and a mouth.



  • Pot Of Gold Cookies
  • Rainbow Colors, Black, White : 15 second consistency
  • Ivory/Yellow : piping consistency or stiff is fine, too – to glue the coins
  • Leprechaun Cookies
  • Green, Orange, Black, White : 15 second consistency
  • Skin Tone (Ivory and a touch of Pink) : 20 second consistency – face, ears, nose
  • Skin Tone : piping consistency – ear detail
  • Orange : piping consistency – beard outline, eyebrows
  • Green : piping consistency – outline the hat
  • Yellow : 20 second – hat buckle

As you know I love using cutters that serve more than one purpose. Cupcake shapes, seemingly ordinary can be used for so many designs. It’s a must have for sure. What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Pot Of Gold or Leprechaun ?

saint patrick's day cookies
saint patrick's day rainbow cookies

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