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Tire Track Cookies


Today I wanted  show you how I made Tire Track Cookies I designed for the John Deere Valentine’s Day set.
I don’t know about you but I find that doing simple designs can be quite challenging, mostly because in simple designs you can see every single imperfection.Sigh. I messed up one cookie before I got it right and I also practiced on a piece of paper before I started working on cookies.


Making Tire Track Cookies
  • I decided to paint the tracks using food coloring pen
  • Make sure that base icing, the one you’ll be drawing on is dry
  • Practice drawing tracks on a piece of paper 
  • I find that drawing one row at a time worked best for me, first I drew left row of very slightly curved lines and then I finished it off with the right row.
  • Let the painted details dry
  • Pipe additional details and dust some sanding sugar on top of the freshly piped lines.
  • Let dry


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