Storing Royal Icing and Fondant Decorations

Today I wanted to share with you a tip I picked a long time ago when I first  learned about silica gel properties.
I enjoy working with royal icing, making royal icing transfers, royal icing  butterflies,
simple decorations for my cookies, cupcakes and cakes,  occasionally I make fondant decorations as well. I like to make them ahead of time to give them sufficient time to dry and then store them until further use. Royal icing and fondant  decorations if properly stored will last indefinitely.  If exposed to too much humidity these decorations can be damaged.  I store all my decorations in small plastic containers with a pack of silica gel packets that are FDA approved. 
Another tip I picked up a long time ago is how to properly store your camera equipment.
I live in the climate with the high humidity so I store my camera and lens along with all the batteries, flash cards, and cords in the airtight containers like this one below. Humidity can cause your lens to fog up, and in  log run it can cause mold to develop in your camera. Fogged up lens will  prevent you to take great pictures, I recommend, throwing some silica gel packets into your camera bag while you are on the run as well.


I use a large pack of beaded silica gel like you see below to keep the moisture away.
I bought this one on ebay. They are worth the money. Once they turn pinkish color it gives away a signal that they need to be “reset”. Just place them in the oven on the lowest setting to dry them out.



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  1. Wow, thank you for that tip. I never would have thought of silica packets. It has been raining nonstop where I live and the humidity has really been a problem.

  2. This is a great idea, not just for the icing but for the cameras, a lot of people (food bloggers especially) would be interested in knowing this!

  3. It's always humid where i live, i noticed that the shops sells those dry cabinet esp. for cameras…they have in varying sizes. I never thought of putting it with fondant decorations..great tip!..usually I keep these sachets for my shoes & the leather will turn mouldy very quickly when left unused in wardrobe.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I never even thought about what humidity could do to my camera. I just invested in a really nice one last year. I'll definitely be using these tips when we get hit with the inevitable humidity this summer 🙂

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