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John Deere Valentine’s Day Cookies



Only few days before Valentine’s Day I’m going to share with you few of my latest cookie projects, starting  today : John Deere inspired Cookies for Valentine’s day. 
Tractor is what comes to mind when one says “John Deere”, or  perhaps a lawn mover, set of huge tires, green and yellow logo?  I’m sticking with the tractor, though I don’t own a tractor cutter, this project called for an emergency measure, cookie cutter template! Making a cookie template is quite easy, one thing to keep in mind though, SIMPLIFY. Why I say this, you wonder? Well millions of time I find myself trying too hard to recreate something into the tiniest details and actually most of the times those details are best to left alone, like today, in my tractor design I wanted to include all the little details like rear mirrors, shift stick etc. It helps to have somebody around who can set you straight and tell you plain and simple, don’t do it, you’ll over do it, and so I did and he was right.

Make a Cookie Cutter Template
Design a Cookie Cutter from a Picture
Decorated Cookies Tutorials


  • Bake Cookies
  • Make Royal Icing: leaf green, yellow, black, red, white. (Leaf Green-from Wilton, Yellow-Duff Electric Color Gels -they have them in Michael’s, Red and Black-super red and super black  from Americolors)
  • When making black, start with adding cocoa powder to your white icing first, until you reach a light brown color, then continue with black gel food color.
  • Using a small round object trace circles where the tires will be in your design, this will help you pipe more even round shape
  • Fill the tires with black, let crust for at least 30 minutes before filling in yellow rims.
  • Outline green, black and white areas and flood them with icing.Pipe in the break light.
  • Let dry all the parts before adding details.
  • Details were added using edible food pens


And now off the Valentine’s Day part of John Deere Cookies. I was also making hearts to go with  the tractors  and I wanted to connect these 2 shapes, somehow ! I came up with this : Tire Tracks!




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