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Cute Halloween Cookies

Let’s get into the Halloween spirit with these easy Halloween Cookies. In this cookie decorating tutorial I’m going to show you how to decorate spooky cute Ghost, trick or treat Candy Corn and silly Jack-o-Lantern cookies.

Royal icing decorated cookies on a black plate.


This Halloween Cookie Decorating tutorial is made possible with the help of Wilton. Wilton sent me several product from their Halloween Line for free, including adorable Halloween cookie cutters, festive sprinkles and candy eyes.

Cookie decorating supplies, cookie cutter, sprinkles and gel food colors.


As you know I love multi purpose cutters. Cutters that I can use for more than one design are my favorite.

And these simple Halloween Cookies Cutters (pumpkin, ghost, candy corn) are no exception. Here are few other ideas you can use these cutters for :

Baked cookies on a cooling rack along with halloween cookie cutters used to cut them out.


While decorating it’s so easy to accidentally stumble over a bottle of opened sprinkles with your hand. Sending sprinkles flying all over. Maybe it doesn’t happen to you but it sure happens to me! That’s why I used a paint palette to hold my Halloween sprinkles. It keeps the sprinkle spillage to minimum and my work area organized.

  • Orange and Black Halloween Sprinkle Assortment
  • Halloween Sprinkles Mega Set
  • Candy Eyes Tackle Box
Halloween sprinkles in small bowls.


Let’s talk icing and colors. To decorate sugar cookies I used Royal Icing. I prepared my favorite Fresh Lemon Royal Icing. And then I colored it with concentrated gel food colors. I ended up using black, orange, yellow, blue, and pink gel colors from the Wilton’s Color Right System.

This set of colors doesn’t come with green or purple gel. Don’t worry. It’s really easy to mix variety of different colors. As a matter of fact I always use blue and pink to mix my purple hues. It works every time.

To color icing purple I used blue and pink gel color. And blue and yellow to mix green icing. You can control intensity of colors by adding more or less food coloring.


Add black gel color to white icing, stir well until icing turns deep dark grey. Then I cover the icing and let it rest overnight or at least for several hours. Color deepens significantly overtime and you don’t have to add excessive amounts of food coloring.

Piping bags filled with colored royal icing.


To thin thick royal icing to different consistencies you need to add room temperature water. I recommend using a spray bottle to add water. It’s really easy to add too much water all at once making icing too watery. Using a spray bottle helps to achieve the right consistency without adding too much water.

Thinning royal icing using a spray bottle.

You can learn in depth about royal icing consistency in my Ultimate Guide to Royal Icing Consistency . My guide includes samples of real cookie decorating projects and when different consistencies are used to achieve desired results.


These Candy Corn Cookies are adorned with a purple trick-or-treat pumpkin basket. How cute!


  • White, Yellow, Orange – 15 second consistency
  • Purple, Black – 20 second consistency
  • Black – piping consistency


Start by drawing outlines on a cookie with edible marker.

Outline and flood top section with white (15sec), then immediately flood the middle section with orange (15sec) and lastly flood the bottom part with yellow (15sec). Use a needle tool to shape the icing while wet. Let the icing dry.

Then attach candy eyes and pipe a mouth with black icing (piping consistency).

Decorating candy corn cookie with white, orange and yellow royal icing.

I made purple pumpkin baskets as Royal Icing Transfers. These can be prepared ahead of time. Place a template on a flat surface (flat tray, cardboard). Then layer wax paper sheet over it. If needed secure the wax paper and a template with a masking tape.

Pipe baskets with purple icing (20sec). Shape the baskets with a needle tool. And while icing is wet pipe black (20sec) eyes and mouth. Use a needle tool to shape black eyes and mouth. Allow buckets to dry overnight.

Piping purple pumpkin baskets on a wax paper.

Next day, peel off the wax paper and finish the baskets.

Pipe a small amount of orange icing (15sec) onto a wax paper. Then carefully attach purple basket onto the bottom. Decorate orange icing with festive Halloween Sprinkles and sanding sugar. Gently shake off the excess sanding sugar. And let dry completely.

Once royal icing is dry peel off the wax paper from Halloween basket decoration.

Attaching sprinkles onto wet royal icing.

To finish trick or treat candy corn cookies attach pumpkin basket onto the icing. And pipe the arms with black (piping consistency).

Attaching royal icing basket decoration on a candy corn cookie.
Decorated candy corn cookies.


I made 2 variations of these Halloween Jack-o-Lantern cookies.


  • Black, Orange -15 second consistency
  • Green – 20 second consistency
  • Orange – piping consistency


With edible marker draw the mouth. Outline and flood the section with black royal icing (15sec). Pour some black sanding sugar onto a clean, dry coffee filter. Then immediately turn the cookie over and gently place it onto the black sanding sugar. With your hands shift the coffee filter with sanding sugar back and forth. After lift up the cookie and shake off the excess black sanding sugar. Use a food only paint brush and brush off small black sugar crystals if needed. Allow icing to set for about 30 minutes.

Decorating jack o lantern mouth with black royal icing and black sanding sugar.

Outline and flood the cookie with orange icing (15sec). Use a needle tool to distribute the icing evenly. Let crust for 3 hours. After, flood the stem with green icing (20sec) and immediately add black-orange nonpareils onto the wet green icing.

Then with orange icing (piping consistency) pipe vertical segment lines across.

Flooding jack o lantern with orange royal icing.

What makes this designs silly are the eyes. I used Wilton Candy Eyes. Glue the eyes on a cookie with a little bit of orange icing. Gently place eyes onto the icing.

Attaching candy eyes onto jack o lantern cookies.

Alternatively you can use pretty nonpareil sprinkles to decorate the black mouth.

Decorated jack o lantern cookies with orange royal icing.
Decorated Jack o Lantern cookies on a black plate.


These decorated ghost cookies are my favorite.


  • White, Gray – 15 second consistency
  • Black – piping consistency


Start by outlining and flooding the cookie with white royal icing (15sec). I decided to add some shading with gray at the very bottom of the cookie. Notice I left this section without the white icing. Then immediately after I flooded cookie with white icing I piped the gray icing on the bottom part of the cookie. After with a needle tool I shaped the icing while it was still wet. Allow icing to dry.

Decorated ghost cookie with white and gray royal icing.

Attach candy eyes onto the ghost and pipe several small dots on a cookie. Then attach spooky bat sprinkles, gently placing them on the dots. I also added some color on the cheeks with pink luster dust and dry food only paint brush.

Painting cheeks on ghost cookies with pink luster dust.

Another option is to add arms and cute pumpkin lights. Pipe the arms with white and gray icing (15sec). Shape the gray icing while wet. Then allow arms to crust for 15 minutes. After, pipe a slightly curved black line between the arms. Decorate the line with orange pumpkin sprinkles.

Decorating ghost cookies with orange pumpkin sprinkles.
Decorated ghost cookies displayed on a black plate.
Jack o Lantern, Ghost and Candy Corn decorated cookies on displayed on a black plate.


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Pumpkin, Ghost and Candy Corn cookies displayed on a black plate.

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