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Twix Cake

I made a Twix Cake and here are the recipes and tools  you need to make it too.

Recipes used 
Vanilla Pound Cake 1/2 of the recipe
Marshmallow Fondant 1 batch
Caramel Buttercream : Swiss Buttercream 1 batch, beat in Thick Caramel(you can half the recipe) – 1/2 to 1 cup
Simple Syrup
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
Bring to boil, boil for 4 minutes, remove from the heat, cool, add 1tsp vanilla extract and  few drops of caramel flavor(optional)
Chocolate Ganache
2 cup milk chocolate chips
1cup heavy cream
Heat cream until almost boiling, you’ll see small bubbles forming around the edges Pour hot cream over chocolate. Cover bowl with a kitchen towel/or paper towel and a lid or a large plate. Let sit for 3 minutes. Then whisk until smooth, let cool to desired consistency. Can be made ahead a slightly heated in the microwave.

Tools you need
Mustard Colored Fondant –  color white fondant with ivory food color by Wilton, yellow and a touch of warm brown food coloring by Americolor
Gray Fondant – you need a touch of black to color fondant gray
Edible Frosting Sheet  White- by Wilton
Edible Marker – FooDoodler
Exacto Knife to cut out letters
Edible Gold Luster Dust : I mixed some Aztec Gold and Wilton Gold Pearl
Edible Silver Luster Dust 
Corn Starch and crisco on hand, when working with fondant I also use starch and crisco.

Watch me how I made the Twix Cake in this video.

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