Christmas Honey Cookies

I made two batches of Honey Cookies this past weekend. I decided not to mess with million designs like I tend to. People ask me if I have drawings of my designs, and well to tell the truth, usually when I do delicate piping I try to prepare a design but when it comes to decorating I usually see something totally different on the cookie so I just go where my imagination takes my, on the other hand when I was doing my little Santa Cookie, I followed my drawing.
Here I prepared a short gallery of my favorite ones  so far.
Christmas Gingerbread Centerpieces
Mushroom Gingerbread House Cookie

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  1. Thanks SOOOOOO much for sharing! I am totally obsessed with these after you taught me about medovnicky!!! I wanted the recipe but was afraid to ask. Thanks for sharing. A million thanks.

    By the way, those ornaments take my breath away!!!

  2. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments.
    Brenda, you have been creating very inspiring cookies yourself. Love your latest North Pole one.

    Bea, you are so kind.I hope you like them, they are excellent with tea or coffee. I've been following your cookie adventures and you are doing amazing!

    All the best to both of you.

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