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Pretty Christmas Gingerbread Advent Centerpiece

Advent started on Sunday and I wanted to wish you all Happy Holiday season. Light the candle and enjoy.

To make Berry Branch Gingerbread Advent Centerpiece you need:


Octagonal Cookie Cutter
Disposable Piping Bags
Food only paint brush
Edible Markers  by FooDoodlers
Americolor Food Colorings : brown, super red, and super black
Consistencies : Brown icing for the branches 15 second, white icing for the base 15 second consistency, red and black 25-30 second

Gingerbread Dough for Centerpieces – if making your own house panels
Royal Icing 

Make the base as big or as small as you wish, I hand cut a large rectangle using a bench scraper, then I used a small cutter to cut out corners. To make the opening for the candles I used octagonal shape cookie cutter but you can use a round, star, heart shape if you wish. Be sure to adjust the size of the base accordingly. I like to bake my gingerbread decorations until they are fully thoroughly baked so when they cool they are hard to the touch.
Berry branch designs are so pretty.
If you’d like to view a step by step tutorial on how to make this advent centerpiece you can find a video tutorial here.

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