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Pine Cone Meringues

This is a one year old idea. Last year while making Christmas Poinsettia Meringues I tried making pine cones and it seemed like it  could actually work. I just never got around to really try. I’m sure it happens to you too. Today one year later, here they are  pretty pine cone meringues. They turned out cute, don’t you think? Happy Baking.

Pine Cone Meringues (about 25 medium size pine cone meringues)
4 large egg whites
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp cream of tartar(if don’t have any, just use a pinch of salt instead)
2tsp chocolate extract
Brown  gel food coloring 
cut up parchment squares
Wilton Flower Nail Decorating Tool #7 or meat thermometer on a nail – good substitute if you don’t have a flower nail for piping flowers
Piping bag fitted with large petal tip  (Wilton # 126 ,#127)
  •  In a heat proof bowl whisk together : egg whites,cream of tartar, sugar. Best if use tempered glass or your stainless steel mixer
    bowl. Set the bowl over the pan with simmering water. Whisking
    constantly, until sugar dissolves and mixture is hot to the touch, about
    5 minutes or so.
  • Transfer the
    bowl to your electric mixers, using wire attachment, beat the mixture
    gradually from low to high, until stiff peaks are formed.Don’t over mix or meringue will be grainy. Add the flavoring and mix for a minute or so to incorporate
    extract, add food color and mix just until combined.
  •  Preheat oven to 180-200 F

Piping Pine Cones Meringue

  • Fit a piping bag  with a large petal metal piping tip.
  • Fill the bag with freshly whipped brown meringue.
  • Pipe a dot of meringue onto the flower nail then put a parchment square on top. Dot of meringue will ensure that parchment doesn’t move anywhere while you are piping the meringue onto it.
  • Pipe a “snail” onto the parchment, with a narrow opening on the metal tip facing up.
  • Then continue piping  with the narrow opening facing up, start piping scales, onto the snail.
  • Continue along the “snail”.
  • Transfer pine cone meringue onto the baking sheet.
  • Continue with remaining meringue.
  • Bake for 2 hours, then leave in the oven until oven cools down completely.


Pipe a “snail”
Piping scales onto the “snail”with narrow opening facing up

First pine cone scale

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