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Black Cat Chevron Pumpkin Cookies

 Chevron pattern seems to be still very popular. I had my eye on it for a while but didn’t have time to actually play with it. During the Summer I’m so preoccupied with garden, canning and things around the house that I hardly  make any cookies. Hopefully with cooler season on the horizon this will change. Because I miss cookies. I really do.
Chevron pattern on cookies is really easy to make. 
Print a chevron pattern.
Then trace the line onto a stencil blank and cut it out. 
Use food coloring pen to draw the guide using the template and then pipe and flood. It is that easy. 
I didn’t make a tutorial on how to make the chevron pattern on cookies.It’s been done many times and if you are looking for a tutorial you can visit Sweet Sugarbelle, Callye posted a nice chevron cookies tutorial while back.
To make my cookies a bit more Halloween-ish I added a black cat silhouette. You can either make royal icing transfers and use dry(royal icing transfer) on wet technique(freshly flooded cookie) or simply make a stencil and draw an outline of the cat directly onto the cookie, using a food coloring pen. Follow with piping the outline with black icing and flooding the area with black icing.

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