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Snowflake Gingerbread Centerpiece


As you may remember in my previous post about Gingerbread Centerpieces I shared with you a recipe I use to make these pretty decorations. I baked several cookies from the the gingerbread dough and today is time to introduce my 1st Centerpiece of the Season that I named “SNOWFLAKE”

Small snowflakes are made using PME Plunge Cutters. If you don’t have these, you can use small stars instead and pipe a snowflake design on them.

When constructing  these centerpieces you always have to make sure that you leave enough time for the pieces to dry, first when you decorate cookies,  and then when you glue them on to the base,  use support to hold them upright, best to leave them alone for several hours. Use royal icing of medium to stiff consistency to glue each piece to the base.
Your Imagination is the limit to what you can create with gingerbread dough.
I decided to add a little message “Merry Christmas”, that later when dry  I enhanced the writing with painting it over with luster dust

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  1. You are just incredible. J feel like.a.child.with crayons after seeing these. They are wonderful. Just wonderful.

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