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22 Christmas Cards and 22 Decorated Cookies

Hello! Are you ready for more Christmas cookies? Here is another cute centerpiece I made for a Fun Cookie Project : 22 Christmas Cards and 22 Decorated Cookies (more about below)

Tree Cookie Centerpiece  I made was inspired by this Christmas Card; you see the tree in the left corner, that is where I was coming from when creating this piece.

You need:
Gingerbread dough for centerpieces and constructions, bakes hard, not recommended for eating.
Or you can also use any of these cookie recipes,
these are all edible. Keep in mind, cookie dough containing a baking
powder/baking soda may change in  size slightly once baked.
Cookies Cutters : best if you have Wilton Cookie Tree Cutter Kit (I don’t have one so I just used star cutters I had), large round cutter or use a template or a bowl to cut out the shape.
Knife to cut out fence
Royal Icing
Gel Food Coloring:  Leaf Green, and  Super red.
  • Bake the cookies.
  • You see I made my own fence from the cookie dough, which I baked on a curved surface to match the look on the post card. Make sure you let the cookie cool on curved surface so it stays slightly curved. While hot cookie is soft, wait till it cools to handle the fence.
  • Flood all the star shaped cookies with green.
  • Flood base with white and decorate fence with some icing and then sprinkle some Sparkling  Sanding Sugar on top for the snow.
  • Wait till icing is dry.
  • Assemble the star tree.
  • Add white and red dots all over the assembled tree.
  • Using stiff to medium consistency icing attach tree and a fence onto the round base cookie. Let the icing dry and then use the piece for decoration.

  22 Christmas Cards and 22 Decorated Cookies

Few months ago I invited some cookie friends over to have some cookie fun. I asked them to use a Christmas Card as an inspiration for their cookies and here they all are. 
Look at them, pretty sensational, right! Thank you ladies for letting your creativity fly and for making this happen. Merry Christmas.

Check out what Christmas Card inspired each participant to make the cookies, simply click on the links below.
1.Stephanie, Ellie’ s Bites Decorated Cookies
2. Anne, Flour Box Bakery
3. Georganne, LilaLoa
4. Lorraine, Lorraine’s Cookies
5. Kim, The Partiologist 
6. Pam, Cookie Crazie
7.Cathy, Cathy’s Cookies
8. Mariëlle, De Koekenbakkers
9.  Nadia, My Little Bakery
10. Liz, Arty Mc Goo
11. Callye, Sweet Sugarbelle

12. Marlyn, Montreal Confections
13. Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker
14. Meaghan, The Decorated Cookie
15. Paula, Vanilla Bean Baker
16. Miriam & Estíbaliz, Message in a Cookie
17. Ali, Ali Bee’s Bakeshop
18. Myriam, Chapix Cookies
19. Jennifer, Not Your Momma’s Cookie

20. Jill, Funky Cookie Studio
21. Maryann, Cookie Artisan
22. Hani, Haniela’s

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  1. What an amazing project! Your centerpiece really captures the feel of the season. Gorgeous!

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