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Noel Gingerbread Centerpiece

I promised you lots of Christmas Gingerbread Centerpiece this year, and I decided to kick off the season with a pretty Noel Sign from gingerbread. 

Gingerbread dough for centerpieces and constructions, bakes hard, not recommended for eating
Or you can also use any of these cookie recipes, these are all edible. Keep in mind, cookie dough containing a baking powder/baking soda may change in  size slightly once baked.
Cookies Cutters
Royal Icing
Gel Food Coloring: Sky blue and  Super red.
Drinking Straw

  • To create Noel Gingerbead Sign you’ll need : 
  •  letter cookies cutters (The Cookie Cutter Company)
  •  mini bell cutter (Foose Cookie Cutters) 
  •  Santa(Karen’s Cookies) or Santa hat cutter (Cooper Gifts)
  • Assemble the sign while cookies are still unbaked, brush touching sides with a bit of water for better adherence.
  • I hand cut a large base piece. I used a drinking straw to make 2 holes, later to be used for a pretty ribbon.
  • Once pieces if baked, don’t move them around until completely cool.
I used 6 different cookie cutter to create the Noel gingerbead sign.
Decorating Cookies with Royal Icing
Adding final touches.

Finished Noel Centerpiece

  • Add a pretty ribbon for a festive touch and decorate your house with gingerbread.
  • Using a stiff royal icing, attach Noel Sign onto a  base cookie, using some folded plastic wrap to support the sign, until it can stand on its own, at least few hours or overnight.

I’m also  linking up  over at Tidy Mom – I’m lovin’ it

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