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Santa Hat S’mores Cookie Stirrers

Nearly 2 years have passed since I blogged about Valentine’s Day S’more Cookies Stirrers. Back then I had to assemble cookies stirrers using 2 cookies. You can check it out here.

The minute I saw the cookie cutter set at Ikea  I knew I’d make the stirrers again. There are 5 cutters in the set, one of which is Santa Hat, perfect for Christmas. In case you can’t get your hands on these cutters use the technique from my Valentine’s Day S’mores Cookie stirrers instead.

To make Santa Hat S’mores Cookie Stirrers you need :

Cookie Cutters from Ikea
Red Food Gel Coloring
Honey Cookies, or  Sugar Cookies or  use other cookies ( chocolate, gingerbread etc),  I recommend using cookies that are sturdier something that you can actually use to stir a drink. Honey Cookies worked great.
Professional Needle Tool or toothpick
Royal Icing Recipe
How To Thin Royal Icing
Disposable Piping Bags
Sanding Sugar

Royal Icing 15 Second Consistency:  red and white
Royal Icing Piping Consistency : white(pom pom)
Micro Mini Marshmallows or use Mini Marshmallows instead(you won’t be fit as many on the cookies)
Merckens Chocolate Melts
Baking Sheets – my favorite ones


Cookie stirrers can be enjoyed with coffee, hot cocoa or even an tea.

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