Ruffle Beach Bridal Shower Cake with a Palm Tree

I’ve been ogling fondant ruffle cakes for months and months. When the opportunity arrised   I took it and made my first fondant ruffle cake. I kind of knew how to make it but I had few blanks to fill it so   I watched a really beautiful video fondant ruffle  tutorial  on you tube and I got to work. Ruffles took time to make but it wasn’t as difficult as it looked. You can do too!
You can find detailed information about the cakes I used and what materials I used below. Cake was a hit at the shower, and I was super happy everyone enjoyed it.

To make this cake you need:

Vanilla Pound Cake (1.5 half of the recipe, makes 3- 8 inch rounds)
Chocolate Cake (doubled recipe, makes 4 small 6 inch rounds)
Swiss Buttercream (flavored with Vanilla Bean Paste)
Fondant, I used Marshmallow fondant
Gumpaste, you can buy it or make your own.(Recipe for Gumpaste)
1 : 1 Fondant : Gumpaste – to make the ruffles on the cake
Food Colors : Americolors : electric pink, electric blue, min green, leaf green, brown, ivory
Frosting Sheets
– to make “here comes the BRIDE”, cut the sheet to desired size.
Small painter’s brush
Vodka in a small spray bottle
Airbrush colors : leaf green(for airbrushing palm tree), brown(for airbrushing wood board and  a palm tree trunk), pearl(for airbrushing the dress)
Dress Gown Cookie Cutter from The Cookie Cutter Company

Mini Heart Cutter
( from the clay set)

Sugar Sand : brown sugar mixed with some granulated sugar and added disco dust for sparkle
Leaf and small Star Piping Tip
plastic wrap
To make the textured finish on the buttercream I use a piece of plastic wrap. I chilled the frosted cake, once the cake was chilled and buttercream on the outside was firm I used a piece of plastic wrap. Using 2 shades of ivory/light brown swiss buttercream  I applied soft icing onto the chilled cake with dabbing motion using plastic wrap creating the textured finish.

Beach sand is made with brown sugar, granulated sugar and little bit of
rainbow disco dust. I like the beach sand to be a lighter in color. I added some
granulated sugar to brown sugar. You can control how light you want the
sand by adding more or less granulated sugar. Disco dust is added for
little sparkle. I used the same  technique for the beach sand in my
other cake – Engagement Cake  and Beach Cake with Gumpaste Adirondack Chair

To make the palm tree I used a gumpaste and royal icing as glue. Trunk, leaves were make separetely, then left to dry and once the whole piece was assembled I airbrushed the leaves with leaf green and tree trunk was airbrushed with brown.
Wedding dress as well as the hanger is made out of gumpaste. You can purchase gumpaste already made or you can make your own. Recipe for Gumpaste. I used a gown cookie cutter from The Cookie Cutter Company.

To make the ruffles on the bottom tier, I used 1:1, gumpaste : fondant ratio. I followed a ruffle fondant tutorial on you tube. To adhere each ruffle onto the fondant covered cake I use a vodka mist.
Little hearts were made from fondant, and I use a mini cutter from the clay set I bought at Michaels. I attached hearts onto the top tier with a little bit of royal icing.
Usually I use a ribbon around the base of the cake board, this time I used a  washi wedding tape.(Purchased at Michaels). I had to use a glue gun to adhere it firmly onto the surface.
Board with the message ” here come the BRIDE” was made from gumpaste. I made if from white plain white gumpaste and then I airbrushed it with brown.
Then I cut a little piece from a frosting sheet and using a painter’s brush and brown food coloring and little bit of vodka I wrote the message on the frosting sheet. Then I adhered it onto the board with royal icing.


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